Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 24th


I am spending three days volunteering my help in a week-long conference supporting open source development, convened by my beloved.  Tonight at dinner, we received a magnificent talk by keynote speaker, Stewart Smith.  Now, although I was wishing I had brought my "I don't speak Geek" t-shirt (to save everyone's breath that struck up a conversation with me on the registrations desk), I was delighted to discover no translator was necessary for Stewart's talk.

Although delighted is an understatement - blown away more rightly covers it.

Unfortunately I cannot share it with you, as no AV equipment was available in the dinner hall to record his talk.  But his passion in reference to a multitude of topics, including most memorable for me, a call for the end to discrimination based on gender, race and sexual inclination within their community had me on my feet applauding at the end!  Turns out there are some issues that transcend all languages.
Thanks Stewart.
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