Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct 31st

I experienced Costco tonight!

Oh, what an adventure!  It started out with much jest and hilarity at the anti-consumerist nutritional therapist venturing into the world of super-sized US capitalism right here in our back yard.  I was assured a bag of spinach would be found for me as soon as possible, for me to cuddle and sniff on my way round the never-ending aisles of three-storey high shelves of consumerist eroticism.

I giggled at the size of the trolleys - but even before that, I marveled at the breadth of the lift that took us from the carpark to the store!  I wish I'd taken a pic.  I felt pint-sized! (Moreso than usual.)  We, a friend with our ticket in (you have to be a member, or come as a guest with a member) and another Costco junkie friend, had a wonderful time!  It was a fantastic shopping experience.  Wide aisles.  Busy, but not crowded and all the shoppers were relaxed and happy (perhaps because they couldn't stop giggling at the vastness of everything, too.  Although it was most likely due to the savings they were making).  And the checkout staff member (Sarah) was so pleasant, I almost embraced her!  So relaxed, so calm, so happy to help.  A pure pleasure.

Yes, they really do stock everything from diamonds to sewing machines, okra to tahini (although not ponies it must be noted).  And yes, everything is absolutely super-sized.  The variety was wonderful, the obscure items plentiful and the amount of local and organic produce was much more than I expected.  I'm a convert, 100%.  Just the opportunity to purchase refrigerated drinking coconuts (husks removed) by the box was enough to have me on a high for the rest of the shop (spinach - who needs spinach?!).  I'll be back for the kayak and the compost tumbler another day. 

As I watched my beautiful friend, a single mama of two buttons living on a shoestring, walking with us, comparing prices per unit to the items in the store she usually shops at (pre-printed on two A4 sheets), I felt incredibly grateful to live in a town where quality products are available at prices that make living on not a lot, a whole lot easier.  I think of my own mama who raised three buttons on not a lot, in a small town with little choice and wonder how excited and grateful she may have felt at the choices laid before us tonight.

This woman is openly humbled by her prejudgement and scorn.  Wonderful, wonderful reminder to make up your own mind based on your own experience - and not on something you assume to be the case *smile*.  And you know what - not one Halloween prop could be seen ANYWHERE!

Which reminds me - Happy Beltaine!

Boomshanka to all in the business of baby-making.
"May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman"
Blessings to all, from down under.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 30th

A had a wonderful day, today!

Lots of little things bringing me joy, all culminating into a day that left me flopping into bed with a smile on my face.

A big kiss goodbye from my gorgeous girl as I dropped her to her Dads.
A quiet drive to the studio, content in my own company, deep in my thoughts.  An opportunity to play over a scenario and contemplate if there was another way it could have been approached.

A powerful, strong practice amongst an intimate group of seasoned yogis, with one of my favourite teachers.  Being told my practice today was "inspiring" by said teacher!  And receiving much gushing gratitude from a newbie that stood behind me, after completing her first class, thankful for having someone to watch.

Home to a fully cooked breakfast, a freshly made vegie juice (with beetroot, my favourite), a hot cup of roasted bean goodness and a gorgeous man, all rested and rejuvenated from his quiet morning time alone.
Two hours helping out friends with tiny buttons, packing up three rooms of their home in preparation for their move next week - and all the chatting and laughing that ensues when people who adore each other gather together.

An evening out with my beloved - woodfired pizza and a bottle of wine, followed by a movie at the perfectly reasonable time of 6:45pm.  I do so love it when movies start early.  Leaving a lovely patch of the evening free for zooming home to enjoy tea and sweet goodness in bed, melting into the blankets in front of our favourite show for an hour or two.

Just blissful.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 29th

I am immensely grateful for Ben, today.
He offered to mind my child for three hours, while I attended practice.

Today was a master class.  Taught by Lynn Whitlow.  Lynn is the shiz in the Bikram world.  Hailing from California, Lynn has taught yoga her entire adult life.  She is one of the few people authorized by Bikram to teach seminars and workshops.  We were VERY blessed to have her at our humble studio <3.

The class was scheduled for two hours - an additional half hour on top of usual.  I think it went for close to two and a half.  It's the first time I have stumbled out of the studio and been literally unable to form words.  I could barely make eye contact with anyone, I was so overwhelmed by the experience.  Overwhelmed, as in ohmygodI'mconvincedIwasabouttodie.  In my semi-coherent state, I noticed I wasn't the only one. Often we will come out of a difficult class and sit around re-acclimatising, bonding about how difficult the class was.  Today, we could barely talk. 

I am also immensely grateful for one of my fellow students, for finding her legs and bringing around the bowl of orange segments.  I was willing those things to appear in my hands so bad.  It had been about five minutes and I still couldn't find my legs.  It was the sugar hit I needed in order to get myself to the drinks fridge and replenish my electrolytes with coconut water.  From there, I was good to go.

Despite the almost dying business and wondering what the hell I was doing there and why is it that I love this practice so much, I did take away some valuable insights into the postures.  And of course, I didn't die (as Lynn pointed out as I embraced her and thanked her on leaving this afternoon).  I even mustered the energy to go twirlin' with my pyro community tonight.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted now.
Just enjoying a cup of tea and setting up my brand new water kefir grains to ferment before going to bed.  Now THAT is a crazy, freaky new adventure I'm excited to be embarking upon!  Purchased through Cultures Alive!  I have no idea what I'm doing.  But I have info sheets, Google and my good friends that have been there - done that, so I figure I can't go too far wrong.

Sleep is calling... night gorgeous ones xxx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct 28th

 I saw this today and I liked it immediately!

On another look, I've just noticed the raindrops.  I think this is a wonderful poster for the fridge, bedside table, cereal packet, coffee machine... Reminders are perfect wee nudges for maintaining presence.  I especially like the raindrops.  Because it's often on the days of gloominess that we forget how blessed we are to have this day.

It poured and poured this afternoon.  Thunderstorms and lightning.  I was utterly grateful that I didn't need to pour chlorinated, fluoridated water all over my growing seedlings.  That instead, (mostly) unadulterated water from the sky replenished the moisture requirements of my kitchen garden.

I was also grateful for the rain for clearing the air.  I am guessing the pollen rating was off the charts today, as my eyes itched, my nose ran and the sneezing was pretty much non-stop.  The cleansing of the air was a welcome reprieve.  Not to mention the energetic charge in the air with upcoming storms!  There's something about it that makes me want to dance skyclad under the falling droplets, particularly when the air is as warm as it was today.  So, so cleansing and refreshing.

A thoughtful and gorgeous friend posted a link to a blog today.
This page is one aspect of her online world.  I haven't yet explored the whole site, but I will!  Her outlook is marvelous!  So much along my line of operation.  It immediately hit me that this could be a focus of my next blogging crusade - my adventures in a life of authenticity.  This blog has touched on them, but not in any real depth and not as a focus, more incidental mentioning.  If I'm 100% honest, I just want an excuse to use the badges!  How awesome are they?!

I'm utterly, 100% a fake-it-til-you-make-it kinda woman.
It's how I get anywhere.  It all began when I was introduced to the concept of manifestation - work out exactly what it is you want, then act, think and talk like you already have it.  Soon enough, you will.  So, I work out what I want and I fake it.  And it works.  I can list people, things, journeys and headspaces that I have wanted and obtained, through manifestation.  

So, authenticity.  Loving unconditionally.  Not such easy tasks.  But they don't just happen overnight.  They happen with focus, with intention, with practice.  A blog helps all of those things happen.  You're thinking about it, you're talking about it, you're manifesting it.  I liked what Brene had to say here:

"Choosing authenticity is an act of resistance.  Choosing to live and love with our WholeHearts is an act of defiance.  You’re going to confuse, piss-off and terrify lots of people – including yourself.  One minute you'll pray that the transformation ends, and the next minute you’ll pray that it never ends."

Two friends have mentioned they are thinking along the same lines, blogging a similar journey.  Which is fantastic.  Brene had this to say "We need to be surrounded by other authenticity activists who are willing to be imperfect and real. We need to build a community of people who can straddle the truth that we are both afraid and brave (often at the same time)."  I love this.  And it's very true.  My friends are very brave to have me in their worlds.  I embrace and welcome being called on my shit.  That doesn't go for everyone.  And yet, by default of allowing me in their worlds, they are faced with my expectations of authenticity.  I think it's a testament to the strength, the courage, the openness to growth that each of them possess.  And I adore each and every one of them for it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 27th

This was what most of my day looked like today:

Babes of the human and feline variety snuggled in my lap.  My girl, due to feeling ill (although she was much improved after vomiting into my knitting project bag during our ride home from her dad's) and the kittens because any lap that stays motionless for more than three minutes is fair game.

I did get an opportunity later in the day to clean out the garbage and recycling centre otherwise known as my car.  I found a belt that was growing mould - THAT is how disgusting it was in there.  I can see the floor again and it is now fantastically clear from debris.  Ben reckons it'll go faster now and save us fuel.

I picked up some whole wheat yesterday and planned to do some baking today (but that didn't happen.  I also planned to help a friend pack up some of her house today too, but that didn't happen either).  I'm curious as to whether my gut sensitivity with flour products extends to biodynamic and organic grain that I mill myself.  Love the thermomix for the opportunity to give it a shot.  I have a zucchini in the fridge that is aching to be made into a chocolate cake, so I'll let you know once I get to it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 26th

Nothing hugely profound today, but lots of little things I'm thankful for.

The respectful and mature relationship I have with Lucy's dad, which is a particular blessing when our child has an emotional meltdown in the classroom as we're about to leave her to her activities, on her second transition to school day today.

Grateful for the compassion and flexibility shown by the vice principal, in allowing Lucy time to recentre with us before suggesting finding a spot in the class she had last time (into which she transitioned seamlessly and was joyous and chatty when the time came for us to collect her).

Creating a new playspace in our home, away from the sleeping space, in time for my girl's arrival tomorrow, hopefully preventing any feelings of being displaced now her room is no longer her own.  I have also put up the sparkly purple curtains in our sleeping space, to hopefully help her feel it is her space as well as mine.

A two hour long conversation via Skype with my bestie, catching up on everything new and much of the same... long overdue indulgence.

Snuggly cats that prefer my lap to the floor or any other surface.  So much so, they will balance precariously on one thigh whilst attempting to nestle their heads into imagined, non-existing crevices.  Not so grateful for the clinging on with claws while attempting this manoeuvre, however. 

Grateful for shared evening interests with my beloved, which include NZ champenoise, antipasto platter with prawns, olives, dolmade, artichoke, salmon... boardgames and giggles.

More of which is awaiting the completion of this post.
Ciao bellas and bellos
Enjoy your eve xxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 25th

I really, really love my beloved finishing work at 4pm. 
It means he's home by five and it feels like we have another WHOLE DAY together, before it's time for bed.  Particularly with daylight savings, when it doesn't get dark until around 8pm in Spring.

He had a dinner date arranged tonight, but it was postponed.
I decided to celebrate with strawberry daiquiris, cos, well, why not, really?
Tonight is my night with the women and with his dinner plans, I would not have seen him until the early hours of tomorrow morning (quite typical for a craft night, despite it being hosted precisely 6 minutes drive away).  No dinner plans means a couple of hours together before my soirée with my womenfolk.

Yoga plans abandoned for burritos and daiquiris.
Life is ace.

I finished the front piece of my flag tonight.  I ran out of thread after completing up to the first 'o' in sisterhood and wondered if I could just leave it at that.  After unanimous giggles, it was determined that I most probably should complete the last two letters.  I will fasten a backing to it, to cover the threads and to stitch my name to the flag, then it will be ready to post off.

Looks ace, no?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 24th

Grateful for being delayed at Scienceworks today, by a major meltdown (because a certain child could not have a certain crystal because her cash didn't cut it and the mama bank had already shelled out that day for a T-Rex softie).  Otherwise we may very well have been a part of that road train jack-knife that occurred on the Monash freeway, rather than just simply delayed by 45 minutes because of it.

Grateful for said T-Rex softie and his desire to learn to drive as we sat in the huge carpark that doubles as a freeway most days.  Much hilarity as he turned on the wipers instead of the indicators (particularly since we weren't even moving), complained that he couldn't reach the peddles and danced along the top of the steering wheel - an awesome way to pass time entertaining a small child in a car that is not moving anywhere anytime soon.

Grateful for emergency rations of fruit buns and bananas to kill the boredom (and associated hungries) that arose during our standstill.

Grateful for fast reflexes and a reliable car to be able to swerve and miss a flying 200L plastic tub that took flight from the back of a ute and came hurtling towards us as we were traveling down the 10 lane freeway at 100km per hour (when we eventually started moving again).

Grateful for a hot, hot room on a cold, cold day.
And very happy to catch up with a bunch of familiar faces lying on mats alongside me in the front row.

Grateful for Indian takeaway on the way home.
And grateful for a beautiful man waiting at the door on my arrival.
Speaking of said beautiful man.... good night xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 23rd

She said yes.  *smile*
Ace.  *grin*
Let the crazy journey begin!


A lazy morning this morning, then yoga, then breakfast out.
The sun and sky and air temperature was glorious.  One of those mornings where you just stand still, face upturned to the sun, eyes closed, drinking in the smells, the warmth, the sounds, the joy that is absolutely palpable in the atmosphere.  Gorgeous weather brings out the gorgeous in everyone.  It's a pleasure to be surrounded by people in this kind of energy.

Feeling less and less like an imposter with this name.
Yogi teacher number two introduced to the new name.  It rolled off her tongue as she was correcting my Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana (Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose).  Even though I was in shitty-arse pain, I smiled.  It felt nice (hearing the name, not stretching in the posture - the posture sucked).  I've been receiving all sorts of reactions - 100% positive, which has actually surprised me!  I mean, I know people generally are too polite to come right out and say any negative thoughts they may be thinking.  But when you tell someone in person, they have no place to hide their initial reaction - and they've been so embracing.  Sign of the times we live in - or the people I hang out with...?  


Reactions are essentially moot anyway.  They will not impact me either way.  And I know any reaction anyone has, negative particularly, is not about me.  It's 100% about them and them trying to find a way to fit this idea into their own reality.  It's generally quite a foreign concept to most and it can be a little threatening.  A name is an identity.  Changing that is paramount to changing your identity.  There is also the link in to lineage.  Some feel a name change is a snub to your family, your parents, your heritage.  No doubt my own parents will feel that way, too.  And that's okay.  It's not something they would feel comfortable doing themselves.  But no one is asking them to *smile*.  

I am not disassociating myself with my family, or my parents, or my heritage.  Simply finding a name that fits.  As my birth name never really did - not surprising really, considering I didn't choose it myself!  And it was chosen when I was a few moments old, so my personality had hardly had a chance to shine through to influence a choice one way or another *laugh*.  I hear some customs do that - wait until the child is a few months (or years?) old and then allow their personality to dictate their name.  Makes perfect, gorgeous sense to me *smile*.

Grateful for lots of things today.
Lovely lighting for some pics of our beautiful felines prancing and pouncing around in the garden (a rare treat for them!).  A man who's heart is so huge and who's spirit is so generous, that he opens his home and his life to two new souls (actually four, if you count the cat and budgie *laugh*), without so much as a flinch (and still feels this way more than 24 hours later).  And then spends most of the day rearranging bedroom dynamics for the five souls that will soon be under this roof.  Grateful for beautiful warm weather that allows me to shed layers of clothing, liberating my body from the restriction of fabric it rebels against more often than not.

And you?  What are you grateful for this fine, spring Sunday?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct 22nd

Guess what, lovelies?
Today marks my official countdown.  Yes, I'm counting down - you bet you.  And for once, I'm not actually referring to my birthday when I talk about a countdown one month and one day from today (because ordinarily I would be, I LOVE my birthday).

Nope.  One month from today I will be doing my final installment on this here 365 gratitude blog for 2010.  I won't start tooting my *thank the goddess, it's over* horn just yet.  There's still a month of blogging to go.  Not that I haven't enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. OF. BLOGGING. FOR. YOU.  Because, let's face it - without you keeping me accountable, I most likely would have passed this one over come January 12 or something - so it's absolutely for you, my gorgeous readers.  You, and the book I'll get at the end of it.  No, not a book deal, just a coffee table book I'll get printed via or some such place, once it's all done.  As evidence of this mammoth achievement.

Not so much a mammoth achievement to find something I'm grateful about in my life - that I pretty much had covered.  More committing that find to the forever pages of the interwebz and finding some way of writing it up that wasn't incessantly boring.  Because you wouldn't keep coming back day after day if it was a boring read, I know that.  It's a conditional kind of love and I'm okay with that *grin*.  And if you weren't coming back day after day and leaving me gorgeous messages of love, of support, of shared heartache, of laughter, of kindness, of insights into your heart, of slices of your life, your past, your present - then again, fizzle out factor on my part, I'm sure.

Today we asked a friend to come live with us.
We like her lots, and her button.
And this house is too big for three.
And they like us too.
And life is easier when there are two mamas in the house.
And it will be complicated and it will be crazy and it will be hard and it will be lots and lots of things that we haven't even thought of yet.  And it may be a complete disaster.
But we will never know if we don't try.  And if the merging of two households can make life easier for one - if not two families, then I think that's worth giving a go.  And they think so too.

I was saying to Ben earlier - this is such an India offering.  Jo would never have offered her home up.  She is fiercely protective of her privacy and her space.  She likes things *just so*.  She only likes cleaning up her own messes and cracks the shits when picking up after others.

When the words just flowed out of my mouth, I was amusingly curious myself.  But it felt so natural to ask.  Like, why hadn't we offered earlier?  I'm not naive.  I have lived with others before.  But sometimes life could actually be a fuckload better, with a change in circumstances, you know?  And you don't know, if you don't try.  Like I say frequently, my biggest regret in life, would be regret.  Why didn't we offer when we were in the position to?  How different would their lives be?  How different would ours be?  A sibling relationship opportunity for both children - did we miss something awesome, fundamental, life-changing?  And I have to admit, I've been clucking over that child for quite some time *smile*.

Her answer?  She's sleeping on it. *smile*

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oct 21st

Because one new kitchen contraption wasn't enough this year.

We're totally in love with Zoku.

And fiendishly grateful for friends that enable, tantalizing us with fresh and frozen fruit recipe ideas...


And really, what would a hot summer be without one?

Are you sold yet?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct 20th

Grateful for the blessings of warmth and rain, bursting our new garden into a flourishing frenzy.

Shots comparing the trees when newly planted, and today!

Grateful for warm spring evenings and wonderful excuses for firing up the BBQ (and grateful for undercover outdoor eating spaces so dining can continue when spring rains arrive!)

And passionately grateful for the relationship the two most important people in my life, share.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 19th

My midlife crisis has officially hit.

Yesterday, I took myself off to the bathroom with kitchen scissors, with the intention of cutting off all my hair and then shaving my head bald.  I have urges like these ones occasionally.  Usually when I'm feeling a little too clingy to *things* or an identity; when I'm feeling too comfortable.  Doing things like cutting off all my hair takes me out of my comfort zone.  It forces me to be faced with perceptions and judgements of others, of observing myself in the face of those judgements.  It enables me to step outside of comfort and deal with uncomfortable.  It forces me to let go - of lots of things: of attachment to image and what that represents to me, and to me through others particularly.  Women are hugely attached to their hair.  It represents safety, comfort, beauty, status, among many others.

Bikram has a saying that is oft repeated in class by our teachers.  "Find comfort in the uncomfortable".  It's a very apt saying in the practice that we do.  And it also applies to life.  Reframing situations that are shitty, to find the point of coping and then the point of winning.  I realised I have embodied this saying for a few years now.  Cutting my hair off is one way of bringing about situations where I can do just this.

I stopped short of shaving it.  Not sure why.  I've shaved my head before (so it wasn't a fear of the unknown).  It was a heck of an experience, particularly as I was looking for work while traveling and no one wanted to hire a skinhead, despite my five star hotel and hotel bar work references.  Once I saw there was more hair on the bathroom floor than on my head, it felt like enough.  So I stopped.

We made another collective decision yesterday.
The telly which previously had pride of place in the living room, is now in the garage.  We were never connected to free to air telly - all we did was watch movies and downloaded tv shows, but it still sucked up so much of our time.  We knew we disconnected from each other mostly, while watching and because we both have issues self-regulating with telly, one episode would turn into a marathon and before we knew it, it would be 1am and we'd be stupefied zombies.  This was our active, conscious decision to reclaim time with each other, free from telly.  And our living room looks so much lighter and brighter with it gone!

The other quite significant change inline with this midlife crisis, is the renaming of myself.  My first name, the name my father gave me.  My second name - I love.  It was my maternal grandfather's first name and means 'moon' in my mother tongue.  I also gifted it to my daughter, so there's no way I'm losing that one.  My surname changed almost two years ago, with the separation from my daughter's father.  I chose that one and I still love it (it means beginning).

My full first given name is a name I am rarely referred to by.  There are people in my life that have known me for years and don't know the extension of the shortened version I have gone by previously.  The only times I hear that name now, is when my mother and father are speaking condescendingly to me.  Past memories are of it being shouted when I was being reprimanded.  So, not great associations.  The shortened version of my name I have never felt a connection with.  Common as muck.  Not that there is anything wrong with that (Joe Blow, Joe Bloggs, Joe Regular comments aside) - I just don't feel connected to it.  And it wasn't the name I was given.  The name I was given has been mispronounced my entire life and the mispronunciation gives me fingernails down a blackboard feeling, so I quit introducing myself as my given name many, many years ago as a result.

The name I have chosen as my first name is a name I have sat with for many years.  I wanted to name my daughter that name, but it couldn't be agreed upon.  I have pondered giving the name to myself, but I knew of two children that shared this name and it felt like a hijack.  Plus all the surrounding issues that something so intrinsic like a name change brings up in everyone else - I wasn't ready to absorb those, until now.  All of a sudden now feels right.  And the thoughts and opinions of those in my life no longer seem to matter, where they once did.  Curious how these things can change.

It completely and utterly feels like a midlife crisis.
Not that I'm planning on snuffing it at 70.  As I explained to a friend today, I can't see any reason why this midlife crisis can't continue indefinitely.  She then asked if I didn't see a midlife crisis as a negative thing, then?  I explained that to me, crisis is the destruction of old thought processes, old paradigms, old behaviour patterns. Making way for a newness, an authenticity.  For me, crisis equals change. Scary, unknown, overwhelming, thrilling. Potential for awesomeness. Growth. All those things.  Things I want to embrace, face full on.  My biggest regret would be looking back and regretting.  All things are possible.  Nothing has to be permanent.  I refuse to not try something because it may not work out.  If it doesn't, I reserve the right to change my mind.  And that philosophy is so freeing and so exciting.  It's also so limitless. 

So, what's my new name you ask?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18th

Have you discovered Pinterest?

I'm late to the party, as is often the case.  Mostly because I resented having to link my pinterest account with my fb or twitter id.  And as a result, I put it off.  Living with a privacy freak, I have become a little uneasy with the electronic papertrail that happens all too easily.  Silly things bother me though - like this.  When really, you'd think I'd be more paranoid about being logged into my Google account constantly (because I'm too lazy to type in the password every day to post here) and having every click via the Google search engines tracked and logged...  I digress.

So, I've been having fun meandering around the world that is pinterest.  Sooo many crafty ideas.  Like this one:

A funky feminist friend of mine noticed this pin on my board and swooned at the yoni-lovin' beauty.  An oh-so-casual note was messaged to me... "remember how I named your business...? ;p"

I was thrilled!  I have been contemplating for months what to create this woman, as a thank you.  I did indeed offer to pay for her creative inspiration in craft - but what do you craft for a woman who's crafty?  Absolute hard basket.  But this!  This I could do!  I spent the last two days formulating an idea around this inspiration, then manifesting it into reality.  And tonight, I gifted it to her.  

There was much squealing in delight.  Total win.*grin*

Grateful for having friends in my life that are so generous with their talents.
Grateful for having friends in my life that inspire me to create
Grateful for having friends in my life that delight in receiving.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17th

I had time up my sleeve on the way to the post office today, so I decided to actually go into that store I keep passing but never make time to explore.

My kinda store.  I have an affinity with dragons, always have.  I'm born in the year of the dragon and I'm a fire dragon (for those who know a little more about eastern horoscopes).  I'm also a fire sign in western astrology - well, part water, part fire, being born on the cusp and all - but I identify mostly with the fire side of me.  And of course, anything with 'Mystical' in the name draws me like a bee to pollen.

I wanted a little something extra to send to my nephew, whose birthday it is today.  I wasn't sure what exactly, but I like to nourish the curiosity of mysticism within the children of my life, so I ventured in for a look around.  I always immediately feel at home in these stores.  The scent, the colour scheme, the shelves of books, the crystals, the wands, the incense, the goddesses... I often spend hours when I come across these stores.  The older, darker, dustier - the better.

After a twenty minute meander, I found what I was looking for, plus a gift for myself.  On the way out, I collected a few flyers for workshops in the early new year.  Feeling a little rusty on a few personal practices.  2012 may just be the year to brush up :o)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct 16th

Grateful for the tools, inspiration and ability to transform something distasteful into something beautiful.

From this:

Into this:

Now of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And this beholder is very much NOT a fan of the 'princess culture' (much less 'glamour princess').

The tee-shirt was included in a bulk lot of clothes purchased via ebay.  The shirt itself is perfect: 100% cotton, bright, beautiful red and crisp white, great condition, right size - so I'm not about to dispose of it.  But it did need some modification before it adorned my child's body.  The fabric is from a treasured friend, who lovingly gifted it to me for a celebration and ritual a few months back.  It was very special to her, so I felt very blessed to receive it.  There was more than enough for what it was primarily intended and it is the most beautiful print, so I'm seeking more ways to display it.  The shades of red in the print match the red of the shirt just so, so it was the perfect choice to be appliquéd.

I only hope both Lucy and Sarah approve!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oct 15th

My day today was made up of (crafting) love, (witnessing) love and (preparing) more love.

Sewing for a gorgeous woman, who has just returned to the Red Tent (resumed cycling again) after many moons of birthing and breastfeeding a bundle of beautiful children.  She contacted, seeking inspiration on where to purchase cloth pads to catch her blood.  I mentioned I would feel honoured to stitch a couple for her, if she was okay with that.  A resounding YES was returned and Lucy and I perused my fabric stash to find the perfect colours with S in mind.  I had such a lovely time, I forgot to photograph the finished items before sealing them up in a postage bag!

Today was another "YES" day for bathers and water-play.  This time, the wading pool in our back yard.  The sun truly does feel delicious at this time of year - warmth without the sting - savoured even more so by the blossoming flowers delighted to be outdoors once again, after too long under roof.  I truly delight in witnessing her pleasure in the wonderful sensations of our world.

 Friends joined us in the early evening for dinner and being quite warm, I couldn't fathom the thought of a hot dinner.  So instead, I had fun (directing the) making (of) gazpacho (been on my to-do list for YEARS!) and because the mangoes are in season and so damn divine, they were just calling to be tumbled around in a bowl with raw trout marinated in lemon and lime juice, and a touch of coriander.  The gazpacho isn't actually pictured by the way, that sumptuous looking pink concoction masquerading as gazpacho is frozen strawberry daiquiri *grin*.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct 14th

Our second day in a row at the beach!

The weather has been gorgeous and the temperatures, amazing.
New bathers have been purchased (no chance in Hades she was fitting last years.  The growth on this child has astonished me!) - with the inclusion of a new purple, frilly sunhat :oD.  It feels wonderful to have sand between my toes in combination with the heat of the sun, again.  And to be able to say "yes!" to my child when she asks for a splash - which happens every single time we visit the beach, without fail, regardless of the air or water temperature.

It's reminded me that the time has come to replace the jacket and socks in the car bag, with towels, lightweight clothing, extra sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a warm sleeves, for when she is inevitably freezing after her too-long stay in the shallows.

I adore the warmer months.
We dined out this evening and spent an hour after our meal, running, cartwheeling, swinging and doing yoga poses in an open space of grass next to the hotel where we ate.  The air was still warm, the sun was still hovering in the early evening sky and it was waaaaaay past her bedtime, but the feeling was too delicious to not enjoy to the fullest.  Needless to say, her gentle snore could be heard mere minutes after the light was switched out.

And even though I forgot to set the jelly last night, she still found a way to satisfy her craving.  The pleasures of summer <3