Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 31st!

40 degree temperature.
A day to celebrate.
What to make?

 Exquisite taste.
Perfect temperature.
Definitely one to repeat!

Homemade sausage rolls.... 
A joy to make and a pleasure to eat.

  Mastering the art of pedaling and absolute joy at working out she'd worked it out!

Hide and go seek turned into flower tossing when she found him up a tree surrounded by blossoms.

First bottle was popped just after six pm - complete with hibiscus flowers.  So pink!
Second bottle was opened at midnight, just the two of us under a starry sky, to the sound of exploding fireworks high above us... perfection *smile*.

Blessed to live walking distance to the beach...

On the sand in time for the 9.15pm fireworks over the city and a dusky dip *bliss* 

I have so many things I am grateful for that occurred over this last year.  
Too many to list.
But one thing is for certain, every day I count my blessings.  Every day I am grateful for the brilliant things in my life, and even the crappy things.  I try where possible to see the gift of insight being presented for evaluation.  Not always possible!  
But I try *smile*.

Happy end of 2010 folks and may 2011 manifest every intent you desire.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec 30th

We walked to breakfast this afternoon, which in itself is not unusual.  What delighted me no end, was from door to door of our new abode, it took us 25 minutes on foot and this was our route *smile*.  The most gorgeous cafe sits at the beginning of the pier you can see in the distance, serving the most delicious coffee with the most stunning views.


We returned in the late afternoon to marvel at the sun glistening on the water, one of my most favourite things to photograph.

I was reminded later this evening of one other thing to be grateful for....

the reminder to wear sunscreen.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec 29th

It is said, that an eight hour session in a transformation game with Von is the equivalent of six months of intensive counseling.  I did my first today and oh boy, am I exhausted!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be raw.
I am grateful for the creation of safe space, both inwardly and outwardly to be vulnerable.
I am grateful to be open to receive pearls of insight, even if they need to be dropped on my head like a brick in order for me to see them!

I am grateful to find upon coming home, I am encouraged to sit, rest and knit all while household tasks are being carried out.

And I am forever grateful for the giving of those little gestures, that mean so much.


**Last minute notification of much, much excitement!**
The gorgeous Sazz freebirthed her second daughter into the awaiting arms of her Dadda, in water, at home this afternoon!  *Squeeeeeeeee* 

Welcome wee Eleanor, I can't wait to meet you!  And huge congratulations to Sazz and her family on the beautiful addition to their family.  Many blessings *kiss*!
(PS, the lasagne will be dropped over this Saturday!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28th

Alchemy of the best kind:
One sheet of paper.....

Into many!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 27th

With a couple of uninterrupted days worth of time on my hands, my attention turns to the seemingly-small-at-the-time things that have just been left waaay too long (and have been bugging my arse for weeks!).  Like pantry storage solutions.  

Loose bags filled with food, held closed with rubber bands or plastic pegs I find to be so untidy, not to mention impossible to stack and find what you need.

Air tight.
Protected from light.
Free from phthalates and other EDCs.

The other thing was clothing storage.  It just wasn't a priority when setting up home all over again.  But it has slowly been driving me batty.  So today, we actually made it happen.  A before shot of my own chaos above (the after is still to happen) and an after shot of my girl's organisation below.  

I feel suitably cleansed and decluttered.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dec 25th

We began the day working out how best to cook this beast.  Having never done the turkey thing before - we thought "what the hell! Let's give it a shot" *laugh*


Lunch (and later dinner!).
Turkey was a little tasteless... not sure what we did wrong (if anything?).  Thank heavens for cranberry sauce!

Touching base and sharing blessings with family around the world

This pic sums up the feeling of the day *smile*

Dragon, dinosaur or monkey...?  She couldn't quite decide.  A little of all three?
(Thank you again Sarah :o0.  She only took it off to pee *grin*)

A garden perfectly unkempt for exploration "where the wild things are" style.

A delicious fresh beginning and a warming end to the day *sigh*.
Pudding and custard await me....
Blessings to you all xx