Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec 13th

My wee girl had her final day of 3yo kinda today and it was all wrapped up with a Christmas concert.  My nominated contribution was chocolate balls, but I was under strict instructions not to put coconut on them.  So, in true parenting of a 4yo style, we compromised *smile*.

At the completion of the concert, on brushing away my tears, I noticed a wee button standing in front of me and her Dad, with a decorated paper bag in hand.  Inside we found magnificent works of art in true festive style.  My heart melted.  But I was very unprepared for what I discovered next.

As we explored deeper into the bag, we found not one - but two sets of everything you see above.  One for me.  One for her Dad.  
You see, our gorgeous girl wanted her Mama and Dadda to each have precious gifts at Christmas.  So while everyone else in her class was working on their individual pieces of art, our beautiful child was working her hardest to make two.

Words fail me when I think about how this child, who is such a deep thinker, has regained her equilibrium in a life situation, not of her choosing and not of her preference.  How she has outwardly settled somewhat contentedly between two homes with acceptance and with grace.  Inwards, her river runs deep I know, and there will be many, many more conversations as she continues to find her feet while straddling her two lives.

My darling daughter - your love is not given away freely or with ease.  But for those blessed enough to be on the receiving end, your generosity is immense.  
You will hold my heart forever.

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