Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 27th

With a couple of uninterrupted days worth of time on my hands, my attention turns to the seemingly-small-at-the-time things that have just been left waaay too long (and have been bugging my arse for weeks!).  Like pantry storage solutions.  

Loose bags filled with food, held closed with rubber bands or plastic pegs I find to be so untidy, not to mention impossible to stack and find what you need.

Air tight.
Protected from light.
Free from phthalates and other EDCs.

The other thing was clothing storage.  It just wasn't a priority when setting up home all over again.  But it has slowly been driving me batty.  So today, we actually made it happen.  A before shot of my own chaos above (the after is still to happen) and an after shot of my girl's organisation below.  

I feel suitably cleansed and decluttered.

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