Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan 12th

Today was one of those days that just makes me sigh.
An absolutely awesome day.

I picked up a package today that I have been (not quite so) patiently awaiting the arrival of.
Brand new needles *squeeeee*


 A very dear friend and her two gorgeous children arrived at around 10am, after accepting my invitation to lunch and birthday cake, in celebration of her special day tomorrow.
Moo seemed to enjoy Katie's curious attention *smile*.

Next to pop in was a beautiful mama friend of mine, who was picking up a remedy for her wee button.  Suddenly the house was filled with four children, four adults, lots of chatter and the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee....

At around 2pm, the house fell silent once again and our attention turned to our Wednesday focus. 
Residual income stream creation.
This has been a passion we have both held for years, but for a variety of reasons, have never dedicated the energy into manifesting.  This year, that changes.

We became so engrossed, that it was seven-thirty before I knew it and I was late for my monthly craftin' date.  We were still rolling and the ideas were flowing... I didn't want to change gear. 
So I called in my apologies and resumed my knitting and brainstorming.

 The main foundation of our residual wealth creation strategy is three-fold:
Business income
Residual income through positive cashflow property
Capital growth and residual income through paper assets.
Today we worked on two of the three.
(Choosing the font for the webpage for the business idea was stacks of fun!)

While the business we are creating is still under wraps, progress won't be!  So I'll share as we go.  I for one, cannot wait until it's implemented!

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