Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25th

Blessed friendships.
Worth more than all the money in the world.

Someone once told me that a true representation of the kind of person you are, is reflected in the type of people who choose to share their lives with you.
In other words, if you want to know what kind of person you are - take a look at the people around you.

This absolutely resonates with my philosophy of like attracts like.
If you are kind, you will attract kindness.
If you choose not to judge, you will attract acceptance.
If you can see humour in life and in yourself, you will attract laughter in abundance.

Which brings me to my friend Georgia.
Five minutes in this woman's company and my laughter is filling the room like liquid sunshine, indicative of the energy she brings with her, wherever she travels.
I have known Georgia almost four years now.  We met while our babes were still in our arms and at our breasts, through our local ABA meet.  Our friendship blossomed over the following years through a mutual passion for gentle parenting and a weekly meet to bask in all things Steiner.  These days, our catch ups tend to be more 'mama-focused' - grown up time, if you will *smile*.

One of the things I utterly adore about Georgia, is her spur of the moment, ready for anything attitude.
I often call her on my way home from work and request the pleasure of her company for dinner.  In all these years, she has only turned me down once! 
To care for her ill babe no less.

Tonight, Georgia once again, gave us the pleasure of her company for dinner.
The menu - raw, naturally.
Yes, it looks suspiciously like our last dinner party (our repertoire of raw could do with a little investment of time and creativity - but hey!  If it ain't broke...!).

I am discovery the pure joy of preparing a meal with love, for loved ones.
I am discovering that that meal does not need to be a five course performance, a la Stephanie Whatshername, in order to satisfy the senses. (What was that book?  Like water for chocolate?)

No.  Simple, vital, nutrient dense food shared with people that make your heart sing, amidst wonderful conversation truly is food to nourish the soul.
Thank you for your company tonight Georgia.
I'm counting the days until we can do it again. *smile*

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