Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18th

As I was riding home tonight, pillion with Ben, my imagination wandered, as it often does when I'm cruising at 80ks, marveling at my surroundings so amazingly close, feeling the wind whipping around me.  I began imagining a horrific accident.  

Our rear tyre being clipped by a driver too close, not seeing our brake lights, the bike flipping, our bodies being flung in the air towards the nature strip.  I envisioned my own wrapping itself around a light pole, before crumpling to the ground below.  I didn't see in my mind's eye what happened to Ben's body.  I only knew that he was dead.

As a very strong believer in the power of manifestation, I decided to promptly end that wee imaginary scenario, seeing as how we were still traveling along a six-lane highway in rush hour traffic, everyone eager to get home!  Instead what popped into my head was how grateful I was for preventative constructs I have in place.

The helmet on my head (which I LOVE! The colours! The swirls! *sigh*).
The kevlar sewn into my jeans.
The armour in my jacket.
The gloves on my hands.
The boots on my feet.

But not only that.

The income protection insurance we both have.
The total permanent disability insurance.
The trauma cover.
The life insurance.

In the event of the unthinkable, I know that financially,
at least for a while, I am taken care of.
Free from financial worries.  To grieve.  To heal.
To mother my child.  To mother myself.
Prevention is worth an ounce of cure I think the saying goes?
More like ten tonnes if you ask me *smile*

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