Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 19th

My day today was filled with sprinklings of wonderful.

Commencing with an 8am breakfast date.
Breakfast is one of my most favourite meals of the day.  So when a friend offers me the pleasure of her company over breakfast - that's my kinda magical start to the day!

 The walk to an afternoon lunch date with my beloved revealed the playful pastime of two young men.  I've stood and watched them practice their acrobatics on a day prior to today and they delight me every time!  Proof positive that joy can and does exist, even within a Frankston teenage boy or two *smile*

Wandering home, pondering the intentions I planned to commit to under the full moon energy tonight, I was reminded that obstacles still do exist in even the clearest of paths.  The question is, how will I respond to them....

The full moon circle tonight with a collection of my sisterhood was, as always, powerful, joyful and inspiring.  As part of our ritual tonight, under the glow of our mother moon, we clearly defined to ourselves, our intentions for the upcoming year.  We banished with fire any limiting factors we could forsee.  Then committed our intent with ink to paper and one and all witnessed the intent of each woman, instantly reaffirming accountability.

The message that kept coming through for me, was downtime, reconnection with spirit, embracing the inner feminine and going easy on myself *smile* 
Very timely indeed.

I wish you all a potent full moon. 
May your every intention manifest for your highest possible good.

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