Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan 16th

What a huge day!

It began with the conundrum - do we visit the Frankston Waterfront Festival - or trip into the city to the Lego Lovers Convention?  Eternally idealistic, I thought - why not both!  

So into the city we tripped.  Our first hurdle was parking (we forgot the Australian Open Tennis was on - d'oh!).  Little did we know the *best* was yet to come!

As we wandered down Little Collins, to make our way over to the town hall on Swanston Street, we noticed a queue of people at the intersection of Little Collins and Russell.  Ben and I looked at each other - surely not!

Oh my yes!  And this wasn't even the end of the queue!  
So we trotted down Little Collins to find the end, cursing myself that I didn't think to bring Lucy's hat.  I honestly did not think I would need it!  But incredibly grateful for a packed avocado and water!

(Where we joined the end of the queue at 12.45pm)

In the following hour and 45 mins, we snaked up Little Collins, along Russell, 

down Collins and around to Swanston, where we finally climbed the stairs to the venue at 2.30pm.

Once inside - oh my!   
A few of my favourites....

 Lucy was an absolute trooper.  A really long wait in the sun, huge crowds inside where adults were seven again (which is fine, except that they had forgotten they were not the height of seven year olds). 

 So when she looked up at us and said "shall we go on a horse and carriage ride?", we thought it was a marvelous idea *smile*

By the time we made it home, the Frankston Festival was well and truly over.  We still held true on our promise of the beach however.  After a brief stop in at home to pack a picnic and grab the bathers.... we hit the beach, our final call in for the day.

A most perfect, perfect day.

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