Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24th

We went to the movies tonight.
I utterly ADORE going to the movies - especially to see shows like this!

The singing!  The dancing!  The costumes!
Divine entertainment for the soul.
I just love a show that has me enthralled to the point where my feet are tapping and my body is involuntarily following the movements of the performers.

Which reminds me.
I really do need to get back to yoga.
Watching the thoracic and lumbar spinal flexibility of the dancers, the lack of hamstring adhesions inhibiting full flexion, the cervical spinal side flexions and extensions!  Not to mention the incredible strength in the quadraceps and glutes with all those squats! *sigh*

My current place of body worship is still on holiday hours.  I walk in the door from work at 6.15pm, so their current hours do not work.  Feb 1st seems so long away!

So as I pulled myself heavily out of the movie theatre seat, sweeping popcorn from my lap, it felt like every bone in my body ached in the wanting of flexibility and strength.  It was a delightful reminder to be thankful that yes, while I *am able* to lift myself from my chair, there is always room for improvement.

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