Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan 15th

 Happy Birthday Sazz!

We spent the afternoon today, in joyous company, celebrating Sazz's birthday.  It was also a gathering to hear Sazz recount her birthing journey to bring Nell earthside.
 Many giggles, sighs and teary moments aplenty.

Sazz has a penchant for rainbows and this exquisite cake was made by a dear friend.  How magnificent is it??!!  And what I find even more wonderful, is that this dear friend birthed twin boys a little over two months ago!  How on earth did she find the time?!  Wow.  Just, wow.

 This little button above was our gift to baby Nell, to celebrate her birthday.  A knot doll made from organic merino yarn.  Sazz immediately bought it to her cheek and stroked it, marveling at how like Nell's head it felt *laugh*.

 This evening is one of relaxation.  Organic cottle chai latte, raw dark chocolate,

 my favourite comedy of all time, 

and the most delicious company I could possibly imagine. *sigh*

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