Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jan 22nd

This evening I was confronted with of those 'holy shit!' moments.
We had spent the day lounging around at home, writing, creating, playing.  We were feeling a little bit housebound, so I suggested a ritual of old - fncnb (fish n chips n bubbly) on the beach for dinner.

It seemed like a great idea at the time.
We'd been so *good* after all!  With our raw food intake, our abstinence from alcohol, semi-fasting.  We were feeling so incredible!  My (utterly insane in hindsight) mind was telling me, we deserved a *treat*.

Oh my.
See, that's the thing.  When you initiate a period of eating vital, simple, pesticide et al free, unprocessed foods, your body gets used to it (as with anything).  So then when you re-introduce shite (like alcohol and processed, refined, hydrogenated, deep fried *food*), your body goes into full on two-year-tantrum mode!  "I don't want this!  Get it away from me! Yuuuuuck!  Arghhhhhhh!!!"
As did mine this evening.

It has been a reeeeeally long time since food has prompted me to hurl.  And remember, I ate most of an oyster a month or so ago.  So, 10 seconds after walking in the door, the porcelain bus and I became reacquainted.  Not fun.  Although I felt immensely better afterwards.

But the truly mad thing is.  I have always felt like shite after eating shite (admittedly, never to the point of throwing up before now).  So why, oh why, do I continue to think it's a good idea?  That I'm *rewarding* myself by shoveling this stuff into my body?  Beats me *shrug*.  *sigh*.

I liken myself to the Queen Mary (no, not the Princess people - the ship.)
Lucy's dad introduced me to this analogy.  A huge cruise liner takes a while to slow down.  A while to turn around and a while to get back up to speed in the new direction.
So, I'm seeing myself in the turning around phase.  I just have to keep the pirates trying to gain access intermittently, at bay while I'm currently stationary.
Send me your thoughts of love and encouragement *smile*.

In other non-toilet related news, a few pics from our beach romp this evening.  
Contrary to previously held beliefs, this body *does* run *smile*.

  I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the sunshine too *smile*
Happy Weekend to you xx

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