Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nov 10th

My mind has been whirling the last 48 hours.

Tossing around ideas for a school.  Creating and building a school.  A correspondence school.  For now, at the very least, coursework for the school.  Offering e-courses, to be more specific.  I have two e-courses already written, both published online.  I have a comprehensive guide on nutrition and fertility one third completed (the material available, but just not yet composed).  And work for about six more books in my head.  I have also had plans to offer workshops on fertility education.

This all seems to be fantastic groundwork for what very well may be the framework for a correspondence school offering e-courses on preconception health care and trying to conceive, as well as chemical-free contraception and menstrual health.  The ideas I have for the six books can be combined into both of these guides.  They are not pass or fail kinds of courses.  They are information courses.  With the option of a weekend workshop where you can come in, brainstorm, ask questions, learn, share and walk away with that gorgeous red cherry on top of your sumptuous sundae of work just completed via computer screen.

Someone said to me on Sunday "you should offer an online course for getting pregnant".  I said "there's a million on the internet".  And the conversation stopped dead.  Out loud, that is.  In my head, the conversation had only just begun.  No one does what I do.  There is plenty of information out there tempting you with the ONE factor they did that helped them get pregnant after YEARS of trying - this ONE thing that no one else had told them, that they discovered themselves after hundreds of dollars on health professional consultation.  Sometimes it's that, hey guess what - not everyone ovulates on day 14.  Or, hey - have you heard of a lunar cycle?  Or hey - did you know that this phytonutrient could be the missing link?  

Rarely it's food, but sometimes it is.  But no one addresses nutrition, fertility education, toxic chemical exposure, sick building syndrome all in one package.  And yet, every aspect is incredibly important.  And I am yet to discover a package of information that talks about menstrual health alongside fertility education to prevent pregnancy.  So hey - maybe there is a need for this kind of information on the interwebz.

And maybe there are professionals out there that want to know all this to share with their clients - as well as the non-professionals too.  A course framework available to those who want the lot, all in one spot.  (Nice catchphrase... mental note to self).  I'm excited again - which is nice.  I was feeling weighed down a little - but the building biology aspect has breathed fresh life in a stagnating pond of creativity.

So, I'm off to plan a little and write a little... while the house is quiet.
And with Ben away for all of next week, I feel it will be a wonderful opportunity to submerge myself into my cave and come out with some brilliance!

12 days of blogging to go... :o)

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