Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov 6th

Quite, quite grateful that I left the car unlocked last night (as I do every night).
As I would not have liked to test the dedication of the thieves that broke into, rummaged through and stole loose change.  Tidying up my car is far easier and less stressful than replacing a smashed window.  They left the plastic horses - thank goodness.  The toy library - and my child - will be pleased!

Very grateful that the thieves, on their departure up our driveway only pulled three eggplant seedlings out of our vegie patch - when they could have destroyed all three beds if they had been so inclined.

Grateful for having the option of a motorcycle as our mode of transportation.
The traffic along Johnson street on our way to World Vegan Day at Abbotsford Convent today, was bumper to bumper.  And the carpark was already full when we arrived half an hour after opening.  I am also grateful at the efficiency and speed a motorcycle avails us in getting from A to B.  B happening to be the Peninsula Family Health Expo.  They were both on today, both from 10am to 4pm.  Each at opposite ends of town.  Thankfully, one in our backyard.  It meant yoga was off the agenda for the day, but I can do yoga tomorrow - neither of these events will be on.  No brainer (even though my bod is aching for a good hot stretch).

The efficiency in timing between A and B meant we could luxuriate at the multitude of stalls at the vegan expo (soooooo much cool stuff and cool people *swoon*) and still make it back to the peninsula expo in time to see one of my most favourite women in the world, talk.  Nicole Bijlsma was one of my lecturers back in the day, when I was studying food and medicine.  In fact, that was the name of her module - food as medicine.  And she rocked my world from the very first class <3.

Her passion for health is so contagious.  I found a true kindred spirit, an idol to aspire to if you like.  And she's just so gorgeous.  We arrived with exactly seven minutes before her talk was scheduled to start.  I nipped into the toilets to ensure an upcoming 60 minutes of comfort.  On exiting the stall, there she was, fixing her hair - and no doubt mentally psyching herself up for her talk (it doesn't matter how many public appearances you do, you always get nervous).  I announced with an excited flourish (and no introduction) that I had just raced back from the city just to hear her talk!  She turned to look at me and stepped in to embrace me with the hugest smile on her face, talking to me as I was saying "do you remember me?"  She paused momentarily before embracing me - "Jo, right!  Miessence..."  *squeeeeeeeeeee*!

Queue two women who talk more than most, catching up on five years, with two and half minutes available.  Hilarious!  We agreed to catch up after her talk - which was AMAZING!  As always.  The woman is inspirational.  Five years ago, my husband and I almost enrolled in her college's Building Biology diploma.  Life took a different direction and we never did.  The diploma is now a more bite-sized certificate IV - and I'm passionate in this particular field of health once again.  It ties in with wholistic and preventative health intrinsically.  *sigh*

I decided to purchase her book to give myself a crash course in reigniting passion.  So don't call me tomorrow, I'll be reading.  And most likely posting snippets of goodness on the A&O fb page.  While I was hanging around, waiting for Nicole to finish her hob-nobbing, to get an autograph for my book, my eyes caught those of the magnificent, funny, beautiful Pinky McKay, who had presented just before Nicole.  I gave her the biggest smile and her face broke into a huge grin and called "now there's another crazy woman I haven't seen in ages!" She strode towards me and we met in a long embrace, talking over each other the entire hug.  It was a day of reconnecting with beautiful women I am blessed to know.  It wasn't until 15 minutes later as we were leaving the expo, when reality hit me.  I turned to Ben and said "OHMYGODPINKYMCKAYJUSTRECOGNISEDMEINACROWDANDCAMEUPTOME!"  He just looked at me and laughed.  

A wonderful day was topped off with a movie double (the second film, the movie woman charged us the concession rate - we think she liked us! Or she hit the wrong button *laugh*), broken in the middle by as close to a vegan meal as we could find in the heart of Frankston on a Sunday night.  A truly, truly wondrous day.

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