Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 8th

So, after a day of dilly-dallying yesterday, today was all work.

I had an amazing time rifling through the work of Nicole Bijlsma and her recent publication, Healthy Home Health Family.  My focus today, was to post relevant information to the A&O community about allergens: causes, triggers and solutions.  It was a wonderful re-ignition of a passion laid dormant for many years.  It was also wonderful to spend an entire day pouring over a book!  Such utter pleasure.

By the end of the day, I was brain exhausted.
Plans were in place to spend with the women, needle in hand.  A beautiful excuse for birthday cake was in store and everything!  But I couldn't bring myself to muster the energy.  I had wine in hand, a little melancholy in my heart and cake on the promised agenda.  The kind of night to stay in.  I spent it crafting anyway - and the need for an iron and good light was met with ease.  I'm almost done with my flag.

And just look what my magnificent man manifested:

Grateful for being waited upon when my soul feels heavy.
Grateful for people who have tried and tested amazing grain, sugar and dairy free, raw chocolate cakes, then posting them on the internet free of charge.
Grateful for my cave when the world seems a little too overwhelming.

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