Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov 5th


A magnificent fruit!
I have recently begun a love affair.  It began when a thread discussing cooking oils took on a life of its own on the Apples and Ovaries wall.  I had never considered coconut oil as a cooking oil - I needed to learn more.  And my findings were exciting.  I started looking for it in the health food shop and at $8.00 for 300g, it was a sometimes oil for cooking.

We were blessed recently in coming across a co-op of gorgeous, certified organic oil.  And at $12 per litre (including delivery and the delightful company of Seely from Cultures Alive!), I'm almost weeping at the increased uses this price avails our family. 

I happened across the second wondrous use of this sumptuous fruit at yoga.  Coconut water.  Cool, refreshing, sweet, but not sickly.  An acquired taste for certain - but I enjoy it immensely.  And finding that incredible score of 9 fresh green coconuts in a box at CostCo, made my newest obsession all the more accessible.  I told you I bought two boxes, yes?  Well today I opened the first one.  Mental note to self: try the drill next time.  An apple corer works, yes, eventually - but there has to be a better way.  The water I emptied was so much more than I expected!  I filled a glass for use towards our coconut kefir and drank the remaining (just 'cos I could).

I opened up the outside husk (I make that sound effortless - I assure you it wasn't) to access the flesh.  It felt quite jelly-like from the small amount that was falling through the water hole.  I was so curious!  Turns out, the younger the coconut, the more water is present and the flesh is indeed a jelly-like consistency, with not much on the husk at all.  Very exciting!  I scraped it all out and planned to dry it out in the oven, then desiccate it in the thermie - using as much of the fruit as I could.  I ended up cooking it.  Better luck next time (I believe a dehydrator is on the shopping list)!

So this evening, we joined friends in blessing their new home and caught up with the lovely Seely, who had a 20L bucket of coconut oil with her.  The spooning of oil into our own jars was a beautiful ritual - it felt very communal, it was wonderful.  As were our hands at the end of the evening, as the spillages were just too delicious to wash off!

Coconut fruit - I am most grateful for your offerings in my world.
And I'm grateful for the people that make your gifts possible.

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