Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nov 15th

The beginnings of the fruitfulness of spring!

The one immediately above is a feijoa flower!  I'm hoping like crazy it will pollinate.  They usually don't bear fruit for a couple of years!  Very exciting prospect. :oD

And now, just like magic, the spring rains fall after a deliciously warm day.  Absolute brilliant growing weather - wet and warm.  Very grateful for the bounty the earth generates with very little effort and attention. 

The wisteria is flowering again :o)

And the Birds of Paradise always make me smile.  I love structured plants and these ones remind me of a very curious creature, eager to investigate every bee that flies past.

And we still have cherries on the tree!  Although, if you look closely, you can see two stems with naked pips attached!  Such a lovely example of just taking what you need and leaving the rest for someone or something else.  Nature's perfect bounty - providing for all who need her :o)

And I spotted this beautiful creature, having her lunch.

All this while wandering around my front garden, getting my daily dose of vitamin D, underneath a brilliant blue sky.  A gorgeous, gorgeous morning, preparing me for a long day in front of the computer, which left me quite spent!  Batteries about to be recharged with a few hours in the company of my women-folk :o)

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