Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nov 3rd

Grateful for trust.

The trust of a small girl, in a foreign place, surrounded by strangers, knowing my plans to leave her.  Trust in me that she is safe and that I will return.

Trust of a mama bear, handing over her first born to me, as they unpack their life from boxes.  Trust that she will be cared for as my own.  Fed, nurtured, protected.

Trust of a wee girl leaping into my arms and waving her mother goodbye, as we pull out of the driveway.  Trust in her mother and in me, that she is safe in my care, in my car, in my home.

Trust in knowing the people that come into my life - for a moment, a minute or a lifetime - are they to serve my growth.  To nurture me.  To mirror me.  To challenge me.  All for my highest good.

Trust in messages of logic from the mindspace and of authenticity of the heartspace.  Trust in intuition of which to follow.

Trust in knowing without a doubt, that every decision is the right decision.
For that moment in time.  How could it not?
And knowing this makes outcomes seem less scary, less concerning.
Because regardless of whether a decision has an outcome filled with joy or an outcome filled with pain, it was the outcome that needed to happen for that moment in time.

Trust in knowing I have the internal resources and external connections to work me through anything placed in my path.

Trust in knowing that everything is as it's meant to be.
Relieves the pressure something wonderful.

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