Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 17th

A day of quality time and giggles with my girl.

I was preparing lunch when these wee creatures came to say hello!

I crept round to find out where they were coming from and saw this:

She cracks me up.
I have such a thing for baby toes.

Although she informs me they're not baby toes.  They're five-year-old toes.  She's right of course, but I told her she would always be my baby.  She said, "even when I'm 74?".  "Yep."  I love how abstract her brain is getting.  She saw an upholstery head for the new vacuum sitting on the bench and told me this gorgeous convoluted story about how... god, I can't even remember now.  But it was imaginative and funny and very descriptive!  It is a freaky looking head, granted.

I can see why the imagination was inspired.

Lots of time in the garden, pulling weeds, getting nudie for our vitamin D shots.  Lots of reading stories, more fairytales (goddess help me, they're Grimm - Disney doesn't get past the front door - but still, they're not these kinds of fairytales, a collection I would very much like to get my hands on.).  And a trip to the stores to return a brand new dress in favour of a thrifted one (first brand new item of external clothing I have bought myself in months and months - it just didn't sit right, I'm quite curious about my reaction being strong enough to actually take back to the store a perfectly reasonable dress... will investigate further another day).  Plus the thrifted one is much more gorgeous.  Lucy said so.

Oh and a curious encounter in the food court, as we stopped for sushi.  A collection of about five young men around the ages of 13 to 15 sharing a table with us, trying to gather as many coins as they could find between them, to cover a sushi handroll.  As I was watching this play out beside us - much to my utter joy and delight, I saw two older young men, say 16 or so, walk past with a McDs soft drink and soft-serve.  This was the food I was expecting our youth to be indulging in when Mum wasn't cooking - so to see these young men trying to find enough money to buy sushi, when the amount they had would have covered a soft serve, soft drink, fries or a hamburger, gave me such delight.

One of the younger ones noticed me watching them, smiling, and politely asked me for 30 cents, the amount they were short.  I eagerly handed it over and told them if I hadn't just spent the last of my cash on my child's lunch, I would have bought them all sushi, such was my joy at seeing them consciously choose to put vital foods into their bodies, when faced with many choices of the opposite.

Interestingly I noticed from that moment on, one would haul the other up when profanity was spoken, which hadn't been a consideration until that point.  How sweet!  Speaking of awesome things-sushi inspired.  Today, I noticed this!

Throughout my 12 or so years of studying nutrition and loving sushi, I have always fantasized about sushi being made with brown rice.  Apparently only found in the larger Sushi Sushi bars.  If shopping in my local, that would be the bar upstairs.  Downstairs near Aldi don't offer this option.  I am stoked about all things sushi today.

And my girl.  Totally rockin' my world.

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