Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov 9th

Grateful for the trust of a friend, who invited me to lighten her load a little - whose mother is a hairdresser no less!  (Living in far north QLD it must be noted.)

Grateful for Mother Nature and all her abundance and gifting.

Very exciting to see cherry fruit in blushing colour in our backyard.  Ben and I picked two and taste-tested, to be sure... delicious!  The rest I'm saving for Goose to help harvest.  Since we don't have our net over the top of the orchard yet, they are very much vulnerable to harvesting by the natives (birds).  I hope with much wishing that Goose gets to pluck a couple from their stem.

And I don't have any images, but it appears the three eggplants that were pulled from the soil (and replanted however many hours later) may just be okay!  Still a little limp, but looking promising.  SJ, my courageous friend pictured above, gifted our family some flat leaf parsley seedlings and five pea seedlings.  They were popped into the ground today, very much in need of water and soil.  I have high hopes for their flourishing!

Grateful for the drop-ins of friends who have the capability to destroy my funk and have me smiling and grateful for the blessings in my life.  Yes, I'm becoming a tired cliche - but I truly am grateful for the people in my life.  What is life, without love?

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