Friday, November 18, 2011

Nov 18th

Grateful for the perfect timing of friends.

Who bring me beloved gifts of theirs, to entice and excite my soul.

Grateful for the Universe delivering me the perfect person (of the perfect height!) in which to lose myself in for 60 seconds or so, before pulling myself back together and ordering a very large coffee.

Grateful (for the most part) for the insights into my soul that my child so freely gifts to me, just by being her.  So completely different, so sensitive, so introspective, so concerned, so deep-thinking, so seemingly melancholy at times.  I would never have thought that trait possible in a child, until knowing my own.

Grateful for the journey so far, in parenting myself as well as my child.  In the lessons learned, sometimes the long, hard way.  Grateful for the clarity that comes (eventually!) with field experience, often as a bang over the head in my case, as it can take me a while to see and understand something so intrinsically close to my heart. 

Grateful for the time away from my beloved.  Not because I need an absence to know at a heart foundation level how much I adore him, how much I value his presence in my daily world, how much I miss his company, his touch.  But for time alone with me.  Time for stillness.  For quiet.  For thoughts to become as loud as the spoken word.

Grateful that today is Friday and he's home tomorrow.

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