Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 19th

Many fun and exciting things happened today.

A collection of the women and buttons gathered in my kitchen today for more milk making.  A remembered to get a few pics for you!  I discovered the most delicious blend of brown rice and cashew milk - by adding five dates into a recipe to make two litres, and halving the amount of coconut oil.  Oh my heavens!  Perfect sweetness, coconuttiness and creaminess.  

Two beautiful souls moved their worldly possessions into a corner of our home today, officially making that space their own and becoming part of the family.  We're still awaiting the addition of their feline who decided last night was a good time to go walkabout and wasn't back in time for the move.  It is hoped he'll be back Wednesday when the final visit to the previous abode is conducted.

But the best and most exciting part of my day?
The moment a familiar motorcycle rumbled down the drive, carrying the most delicious man I've ever seen.  And not a moment too soon.  There was much craziness and busyness happening in the house at the time, and for much of the day and eve - so we are looking forward to a leisurely breakfast out together, tomorrow morning.  Time to drink each other in and reconnect after what seems like a short lifetime apart.

Then of course, it will be off to indulge in sisterhood and celebration, in light of my birthday this coming Wednesday.  I plan to have lots of photos.  I truly hope to fulfil that plan!
Until tomorrow xx

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