Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1st

Well, here we are!
My birthday month.  Where it all began, 330 odd days ago.

I do so love my birthday month.  I have a firm belief that once you reach a certain age (arbitrary, decide for yourself, really), your birthday celebrations demand to be spread out over the course of a month, rather than just the one day.  I think I was about 21 when they started lasting a week (I think that was in part due to the time taken to prepare the party).  Then, in the years that followed when I lived a long way from home, I would have two celebrations - one with friends and one with family - with each gathering separated by about a week or two.

Now, now I'm just plain greedy.  They've lasted about a month or so for a while now.  I have officially claimed November for myself.  In defiance against the Giftmas decorations and promotion that starts about now.  I can't quite see how they can be even talking about Giftmas yet, when quite clearly my birthday is an occasion just as large and festive and it comes before Giftmas on the Gregorian calendar.

Still, I'm known for my generosity, so I'm happy to share November with all who also want to celebrate over the best 30 days of the year.  It really is a rockin' awesome month.  Lots of Scorpios and Sagittarians were born in this month and that's a fabulous thing in itself.  Were you?

A lovely relaxing day.
Horribly hard yoga session, but we won't linger there.  I survived and that's not to be sneezed at (what does that saying even mean?!).  Then wonderful friends dropped off the compost tumbler I was talking about yesterday!  How generous is that!  Very grateful for the gift of their time and effort.  A little bit of work on the business, lots of talk about environmental and health politics of veganism and whether we can make it happen in our world, followed by an evening of snuggling with tea, choc and tickytacky (that's what we call the show Weeds we're enjoying at the moment).

What are you grateful for, today?

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