Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21st

I feel well and truly in birthday party mode.

Work was so far from being on my agenda today.  Ben finished the mezzanine yesterday.  I wanted some fabric to billow from the underside of the framework, so when lying in the bed below, our view would be one of a colourful canopy, rather than slats, a mattress and edges of sheets.  I found just the thing within five minutes of walking into the store.  Love that.

The beach started calling from about three pm, so we grabbed the canopy, our bathers and towels and wandered on down.  Three hours of vitamin D replenishment felt wonderful.  I am so grateful to be living so close to such a magical playground.

The letterbox yielded three very exciting things, today.
My new drivers license, my new medicare card and a birthday gift from my sister in NZ.
To receive mail in the name of India, feels wonderful :o). And to have it before my actual birthday is such a bonus.  Of course, the traffic authority and the government sending me mail in a new name because I updated it officially is not as thrilling as receiving mail from my blood, in my new name.  

An acknowledgement of acceptance - no small thing.  And one I am very grateful for.  And this particular sister of my blood makes me laugh so much.  Today's case in point:

Bless *grin*

I rounded off my day by indulging in a little teenage fantasy fodder (that's still acceptable at almost 35, right?!).  The fourth Twilight film was as kitsch and gorgeous as all the others, for me.  I will never consider the films as good as the books - that rarely happens with any translation - but I enjoy them for what they are - a fun couple of hours of visually beautiful entertainment *grin*.  I hope like crazy we don't have to wait as long for the final installment.  

Off to the city tomorrow to enjoy two nights in my favourite hotel.  I hope to find some time to spend in Morris and Sons, the yarn store to top all yarn stores, and maybe a little book reading.  For once, I'm actually considering NOT buying any books - rather reading a few new ones sitting on the shelf that have yet to have their spines creased.  One in particular, that was gifted yesterday, is calling to me...

Until then beautiful ones.
Until tomorrow, the final blog post for this epic journey (can I really call sitting on my butt, writing every day for a year, epic?  Not sure, but it certainly feels epic!).  Starting to feel the pressure to write something significant!  Eep!  You'll forgive me if it's casual, no?
Until then.

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