Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 13th

While Ben worked on the mezzanine, the women and I made milk.

The last time I made milk, all that was required was a glass of water, a fabulous lunch and a sit on the couch.  My body did the rest ;o).  This time, considerably more effort was involved.

We started with a database of recipes, chose the milk we fancied the most and gathered in my kitchen with the ingredients required.  My kitchen provided the thermomix and the milk bag.  I wish I had images to show you - but we were talking far too much to even come close to remembering to pick up the camera (and that's extraordinary for me!).  And when I think about it, things were wet and messy, so not a conducive environment for my (second) most loved piece of equipment. 

We made a litre of coconut milk/cream and the same flesh provided an additional litre of coconut-flavoured water.  We made a litre of rice and cashew milk and a litre of oat milk.  I didn't actually get to making my own in the end... but I have plenty of time and opportunity.  All three milks were fantastically tasty.  And creamy.  I'm excited to trial dates as the sweetener in the milk I make for myself, rather than honey/glucose or rice syrup as suggested.  Will let you know how I go (and pause to take pics :o).
Speaking of pics, I did take a before and progress shot of the sleeping space Ben is creating the mezzanine in.  The frame and supporting beams are in place.  He's off for a week to Canberra on conference, so the job will be completed on his return.  I'm looking forward to the finished project.  I'm already feeling the excitement of the improved use of space.

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