Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov 16th

Have you ever gone an entire day and not seen another human soul?

I can't remember the last time it happened to me - I'm not sure it has, it may have... Today I did.  Three kittens, a cat and the interwebz were the entirety of my communication outside of self today.  I got towards the end of the day and it dawned on me that perhaps some human interaction would be good for the soul.  The thing was, I didn't actually feel like talking to anyone.  Sometimes I like to be amongst the busyness of people, the chatter, the laughter, the energy, but remain in my own bubble.  Apparently I was like this as a baby.  My mother would place me in a room at the other end of the house and expect sleep would find me.  Rather, I would holler at her until she bought me out with the action.  Within minutes, I'd be sleeping peacefully.  It baffled her considerably (being her first and all).  But as any mother will tell you - irrespective of if it appears crazy, if it works, you do it, until it doesn't anymore.

I achieved some considerable progress in the writing of the third e-guide (the first in the A&O series) and many crafting projects were lingering on the outskirts of my attention.  So I made the decision to stay indoors and round out my day of solitary with some tactile creative pursuits.

Sometimes it takes a day of quiet contemplation to remember just how rejuvenating it is for the soul.  I'm always reminded of Alanis Morrisette's lyrics "why are you so petrified of silence?" in moments like these.  We are, mostly.  The quiet allows our inner dialogue to come through loud and clear, without disruption.  Surrounding ourselves with noise muffles that voice quite considerably.  And when there is activity, we can busy ourselves and ignore the thoughts going around in our heads.  However, we cannot ignore the impact those thoughts have at a cellular level.  Which is all fine and good if the inner dialogue is complimentary to vitality.  More often than not though, it isn't.  Which is why I think, we avoid solitary time.  We avoid quiet.

And in all honesty, I wasn't really alone today, at all.

I had these three balls of fluff in and out of my lap all day.  And my head was busy on and off in between writing stints, with interaction and conversation with my online world. Silence is something I'd really like to experience.  True silence.  Like a Vipassana retreat.  Where there is no talking or communication of any kind.  Perhaps I'll give myself this gift next birthday.

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