Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15th

Grateful for frozen berries, egg white, banana.
Grateful for what TMX can magic it into.
Grateful for hot weather, relieving certain company of half their clothing...
Very, very grateful for said company coordinating delectable goodness and delivering into my eagerly awaiting hands.

Heart is feeling much lighter today.
Thank you for your messages of love and support.
They are tucked away into a little pocket of my heart, perfectly placed to access from time to time, just when I need them.

A little more 'business as usual' at work today.  But silent moments are still shared... lingering eye contact, a reassuring smile, a comforting touch as we pass each other on the floor, conversations petering out naturally but still we remain, eyes lowered in unspoken conversation.  And the not so silent conversations.  See that's the thing with grief.  We all process in different time frames.  We all need different things at different times.  The shock for some was starting to subside today, giving way to the raw, unpredictable beneath.  The tightly wound began to unravel.  Gentle reminders to talk, ears and shoulders made available to those in need.

And *my* shoulder.  Perfectly contoured for my cheek.  With available curls filling the therapeutic prescription for twirling and curling.  Bless darling man.  Thank you for holding the space as and when I needed it.  I treasure you infinitely *smile*.

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