Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28th

What did I do tonight?
Well, I had lovely plans all laid out.
Ben was out for the night, so it was just me, the cat, red wine and the file server.

There's about a billion movies on that thing.  Some of which I imagine Ben would rather pull individual leg hairs out over a 90 minutes period, rather sit though some of them... so I saw it as my womanly duty to tick them off the list.  So, movie, red wine, chocolate and pizza was all within reach.  First stop, check in on my virtual community before unplugging for the night.

10 minutes in and I saw this status update:
Lani: "Eating my protein"
There was already four posts before I entered the discussion.  Which went like this:
Pip: Ummmmmm....
Lani: Not my own if that's what you mean Pip
Pip: errrrr, ummmm, I don't wanna say it - it's wude!
Lani: Or Steve's.  I'm lost after that.
Of course, my imagination was already off on a wonderful adventure, when I added this:
Jo: Yeah, I have to admit, my filthy imagination went wandering too. ESPECIALLY when you admitted to it not being yours! *laugh*

And so the evening was set!
So much hilarity, that it's three hours later and the bantering has only just finished after 128 posts, with three main contributors - the other two perpetrators listed above.  I'm sure when Lani posted the simple, innocent post of 'eating my protein', she had no idea her two friends with too much time and filthy imaginations on their hands, would orchestrate such an elaborate dance of innuendo!  But oh, what fun we had.  At one point, I was crying so much from laughter that I could no longer see the screen.

A friend of Lani's illuminated her presence a few hours in and shared how she was grateful for the giggle after a long day at the office.  What a wonderful gift to give!  Laughter truly is medicine for the soul, don't you think?  

So today I am grateful once again for my friends.  For the lightness they bring into my life.  And for the gift of laughter created in others.  Feng Shui principles say laughter and loud music chase away the darkness from the corners of your house.  I believe they also chase away the darkness from the corners of your mind and soul.  So, laugh loudly and laugh with abandon.  And where possible, make it contagious!

(A little more from our mammoth conversation, but by no means the end of it! *laugh*)


Okay, I know I don't post comments, but this one really resonated and is quite topical, so I wanted to share.  Received today in response to this post:

"You can also be grateful for the fact that conversations like these will be just as easy when you move. Facebook doesn't have a postcode"
Thank you.

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