Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22nd

Today was such a rollercoaster of emotions.
Another day at home, so as not to potentially infect any co-workers.
With thoughts of my 2pm engagement quietly surfacing every few minutes, as if I needed the reminder

Bidding Damian farewell in a formalised ritual was very nourishing for me.
To gather in the presence of people he loved and who clearly adored him, was heart warming.
The tear-stained cheeks, the red eyes, the brave smiles.  The long embraces, the hands held tight, the gentle, aching sounds of mourning.  I felt privileged to be present, to be a part of his circle of loved ones, in saying my own farewell.

There was a wonderfully large presence of work colleagues.  I felt so thankful for that.  For his mother to see the number of people in his daily life that cared for him.  And if helpful at all, to also see how many people in his daily life that cared for him, who also had no indication of the heartache Damian was experiencing.  I couldn't even begin to imagine how she was feeling, what she was experiencing, how she remained so together.  I sent prayer after prayer to her throughout the service.

On my way home from the funeral, I received notification of the earthquake that had struck Christchurch.  It was turning out to be quite a surreal day.  My heart was relieved to discover my brother was safe - thrown around like a rag doll - but safe.  A phone call to another family member revealed the other five members of my family living in Christchurch were also alive, but not so well.  Their home and their business were destroyed.  As was a little of their spirit.  

(pics courtesy of the NZ herald)

Such devastation.

But then it was time to replace one bag -

for another.  *deep exhale*

Dinner with my friend Georgia has become a bit of a thing.  A fabulous, soul-singing, fill-your-cup-up kinda thing.  I have mentioned before how much I adore this woman's company.  She is fantastically spontaneous and she makes me laugh uproariously (much, to my most recent discovery, her husband's bafflement and hysterical amusement!).  I can bare my soul with this woman and feel as safe as houses.  And as a result of course, I do.  Our conversations are without boundaries, authentically raw, never elusive and tremendously full of love, laughter, respect and kindness.  I wish for everyone to have a Georgia in their life.  

Thank you sweet woman.  For your friendship, I am eternally grateful *kiss*

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