Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1st

Thank you Kint, Leesa and Megan for the pleasure of your company this evening!  
Dinner was lovely - almost as good as the conversation!
And seeing Burlesque AGAIN was magnificent (I'm currently downloading the soundtrack *smile*).

A lovely end to a relaxing day, spent attending the needs of my beloved busily deep in healing mode.
And tomorrow I have a coffee date with a very dear friend and her boy button (I can't wait!), before meeting up with Lucy for her first day of 4yo kinda!

But now - more episodes of Alias and some sofa snuggling catch up with the man.
Night all!


I've just realised it was Lammas today and I missed it!
I have always thought it fell on Feb 2nd.
Seems this year, it was today.
Lammas is traditionally the time for first harvest - a time to take stock of what you have, a time to be grateful.  Well, that just goes without saying. *smile*

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