Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb 6th

Yes, I know I have raved about Suzie, our thermomix many, many times.  But today really was another of those 'oh thank heavens for thermie' moments.
As thermie was sauteing the onions, garlic and spices, I was chopping the potato.
As thermie was cooking the potato in with the coconut milk and alliaceous veg, I was dicing the chicken and rest of the solanaceae vegetables.
As thermie was cooking the entire curry and the rice cooker was cooking the rice, I was cleaning the boards and knives and benches.  And I was smiling.  A lot. *grin*.

I was utterly, utterly grateful for this machine this evening.  For the convenience of inbuilt scales for weighing.  For the ease of cooking without stirring and constant checking.  For the simplicity of cleaning one pot used for preparation and cooking.  Oh - and did I mention it whipped up banana, date and walnut bread for us this afternoon?

I also began a new crafting project today.

And had a ridiculous amount of fun playing with an electric bread knife!

This is where it currently sits at.  Progress shots as they develop.

Something happened this afternoon that utterly warmed our hearts.
Lucy picked up some offcuts from my foam project and this is what she discovered, all by herself....

It seems love can be found almost anywhere you look!

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