Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 3rd

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

The year of the Golden Rabbit.
A year for stillness, patience, calm.  Persuasion over force.  A year to focus on home, family, security, diplomacy and relationships with women and children.  A year in which creating a safe, peaceful lifestyle will come easily and be beneficial.
The rabbit is also the symbol of the moon.  So full moon energy this Chinese year will be especially potent, particularly in manifesting desires.

Speaking of the moon, tonight is also the shadow moon, so please, go gently.
With our new moon rising tomorrow and our lunar goddess waxing once again. 

Prompted by my conversation yesterday, I rekindled my fascination with the unknown.
It was mostly just floating around in the back of my subconscious, not really saying much.  And then this book leapt out at me while I was in the bookstore.  Its content is all about the exposé of the mystery schools (a particular scholarly interest of mine and has been for many years).  

And today I actively got out of bed and out the door half an hour earlier than usual, just so I could catch the train and sink my teeth into it.  I find Black very amusing, quite cheeky and freakishly informed (so far).  I am thoroughly enjoying myself and we're only up to the Garden of Eden (we started at the beginning, of course).

I imagine I will be spouting my thoughts and opinions in the coming weeks, as I delve deeper and deeper.  This was my favourite snippet from today:

Chapter 1, page 32.
"So in this story, what did happen before time?  What was the primal mental event?
In this story God reflected on Himself.  He looked, as it were, into an imaginary mirror and saw the future.  He imagined beings very much like Himself.  He imagined free, creative beings capable of loving so intelligently and thinking so lovingly that they could transform themselves and others of their kind in their innermost being."

I especially loved "... beings capable of loving so intelligently and thinking so lovingly..."
Gosh.  Could you imagine a world like that?

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