Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17th

Gosh, I was absent today!
Arrived at work 20 minutes early, but didn't log into my phone until ten minutes after I was supposed to.  And I didn't even realise I had the timing wrong, until I heard people taking calls when I had just commenced start up.  And I was actually confused for about 10 seconds!

I used the incorrect phone mode at least twice.  
Received a death notification from a customer's wife - a man who passed away today.  As she was barely containing her tears, I was barely containing my own.  Then spent 30 minutes in aftercall work, taking time out with a colleague, officially annihilating my statistics for the settlement period in one swoop.

I was yawning throughout calls and just feeling out and out vague.  Most likely due to the lack of sleep the last week.  And, yes, while wine helps me to get to a place where I can eventually fall asleep, it does make it ten times harder dragging my arse out of bed come six am.

So tonight, I wanted a change of scenery.
Time out of the house and buried in escapism.

The only film on after 6pm and before 9pm was 'No Strings Attached'.
As a rule, I tend to avoid these kinds of films.  Connection without commitment.  Intimacy emptiness masquerading as the ultimate in modern day relationships.  Like it's something to aspire to.  The solution to meeting physical needs while protecting emotional vulnerability.  Pfft.  As if *that's* the way to soul-tingling fulfillment and giddying emotional authenticity!

So, it wasn't actually bad.  The film.
I laughed, a lot.  Which was very much needed.
I enjoyed the injection of current dayisms... carbon footprint references, 'friending' someone without actually mentioning fb (because it is so part of our vernacular, even unspoken it's still understood).  Quite a bit of smut talk, which I always enjoy.  I particularly like the mix tape he made her.  Very sweet.

So, gratuity kudos today?
~ Immediate funds at the push of five buttons, availing $150 to forget the world for a few hours
~ Inane Hollywood entertainment that you can't help but laugh at
~ Unconditionally lovin' company that still sits next to you, holding your hand, even when you're in a mood that makes a cyclone look like a gentle breeze.

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