Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7th

Today I am grateful for the elixir that is divine bean.

When you've had a shite day at work.
And all you want to do is bury your head under the blankets and not come out for a week.
When your customers scream obscenity after profanity at you when you say no, because that's easier than taking responsibility for the situation they have found themselves in.
When the only face you want to rest your eyes on is two train rides and a short walk away, and may as well be in Uzbekistan.  
When all you really need is 10 minutes down time.
That's when the bean really shines.
Yes, this is my poison.  My drug.  My delight on a dark day.  
My happy juice.  And it worked a treat today.

Tied me over, just until I spied my beloved walking towards me down the street and I shouted to him from 200 metres away "Sprinkle me with kisses!  I've had a shitty day!"  To which he replied words to the effect of "absafuckinglutely".  Well, to be honest, I couldn't hear what his words said, but that's most definitely what his eyes said, and that's all I could see *smile*.

Dinner was wonderful - it always is when someone else cooks it, brings it to you, takes it away and cleans up.  And now we are home, about to snuggle in to another fix of season one of Alias.
With another shot of divine elixir.
Au Revoir darlings

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