Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9th

We rose at 2.15pm today.
A glorious sleep in, apparently much needed, as we fell asleep in front of the box before 9pm last night!
We had great plans to work on our businesses, but alas I was swept up in facebook world not long after rising and attending to sustenance then laundry.

We ventured into the outside world briefly to pick up supplies, then retreated back into our nest to potter and revel in doing not very much at all *smile*.

I had a wonderful phone conversation with my sweet sister living in the motherland and once again, did my best to convince her living here with her two darling children was the ultimate place for her.  One day, she may just take me up on my suggestion *smile*.  A woman can hope.

Then it was time to go craftin'
I do so love these evenings.

Tonight was filled with ladybugs and dinosaurs, birds and giraffes, tears and laughter.  And a very big announcement.  A dear, dear friend is departing our wee community and returning to the motherland of her husband.  A stint of only a few years we hope - a wonderful opportunity for their future - but oh gosh, how we will miss her *tears*.  I am doing my best not to grieve just yet (loss, such a selfish emotion, no?), as she is still within arms reach.  And I will savour that and treasure her for as long as we have her.  More words fail me just now, so a few pics from our evening...

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