Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb 25th

Today I feel grateful to live in the "lucky country".
Because today I found out my Dad is coming over for work.
Economy in 'lil ole NZ is not looking so flash at the moment and shameful as it is to admit, I'm kinda happy about that right now.  Cos it means I get to spend some time with my Pa.

He'll be here in a couple of weeks - work is lined up already (which flabbergastered the pants off me - it happened in the space of about an hour!).  Coincidentally, Ben's Mum will be joining us in a week!  So, we're about to get a houseful!  I'm really quite excited.

It's a good thing we have a tendency to purchase 'beds for two' over 'beds for one', and our sofa choices tend to include the option of a fold out bed.  So as far as sleeping spaces go - we're covered.  Linen is another thing altogether however.  But oh how I love online auctions *smile*.

This song is on continuous repeat in my head at the moment.
Most likely due to the fact it's being played in the car every time I'm in there.
I adore this song.  It so accurately describes how Ben's love makes me feel *blush*.
Ben Lee's entire album Ripe is magnificent actually.  It was gifted to me by my gorgeous woman Sazz, as payment in kind for a consultation I provided her.  She said to me, everytime she heard the song 'Hungry', she thought of Ben and me and as a result, finds it a little hard to hear the song now, without her imagination taking her to a place that kinda makes her more than a little uncomfortable *grin*.

 This album is so different to his previous albums.  I love how you can track the personal journey of a person based on their emotional (and in this case, artistic) expression.  He's so in love in this album - the early days, the infatuation days.  It's just lovely to listen to *smile*.

And just on a totally cute final note....
These are absolute staples in the family album, right?
Babe in mama's shoes? *smile*

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