Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb 18th

 Fridays see me finishing work at 2pm, to be home in time for my button's arrival at 3pm.  One of the highlights of my week *smile*.  I miss her so desperately much.  We spend the first few minutes just wrapped in each other's arms kissing, giggling and snuggling.  And then we play!

I'm not great with creativity, imagination games.  I try where possible, to get her to take the lead and inform me of my role (which she's getting rather good at, all that bossing most certainly comes from her maternal side).  But I do so enjoy creating the props for her play.  These were pulled out today...

They were made a wee while ago and I enjoy playing with them as much as Lu does *smile*.
I have a book on knitting a farmyard and I'm slowly working my way through it.  I hope to have a whole paddock full of geese, chickens, pigs, dogs, sheep, cows and donkeys made by the time the grandbabies are old enough to be playing with them *laugh*.

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