Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th

Grateful the fever has broken and I have my girl back.
Grateful I can go to sleep tonight and not wonder if I'm going to be woken with vomit down my cheek.
Grateful that we can get off the couch today!

Grateful for the developmental milestones of fever.
Grateful for the new-found passion for drawing! (I love her drawings *swoon*.)

Grateful the cleaner is back from holidays!  Yay!
Grateful I found the catshit on the carpet before she did.
Grateful for a sense of humour in cleaning up said catshit (fourth one this week).
Grateful that said catshit was on the carpet in the craft room - rather than on my white bedcoverings again.

Grateful that tonight marks the beginning of our holiday.
Grateful that I live with an enabler that loves the things I love, like lying on an island beach for four days, doing nothing but nothing.
Grateful that we found an ace place for the felines.  They will have much fun playing with the sensor-operated sliding door, I'm sure.

Grateful for beer in the fridge.
Grateful for tiny, gorgeous organic beef patties that taste sumptuous in home-made open sandwiches.
Grateful for comfy couches and mindless entertainment on the box.
Grateful for beautiful, big strong arms to wrap around me while I melt into relaxation.

Grateful for many friends that make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
Grateful for a gorgeous man that makes me melt with a glance.
Grateful for sisters that lavish love spontaneously, unconditionally.
Grateful for my achingly beautiful child that brings out the extremes of every emotion I'm capable of experiencing - predominantly fierce, passionate, all-consuming love.
And grateful for the wondrous gift that is me, on this journey, with these souls alongside me.  I truly am having a marvelous time.

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