Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th

At Spotlight, my child goes nuts on the craft activities available for sale.
Picking up an animal mask "Can we paint this, Mama?"... 
Selecting textas and crayons and paints "What can we make with THESE, Mama?"
Collecting up ball of yarn upon ball of yarn "Can you knit me an animal with this one, Mama?"

She found a wee furniture set we could paint ourselves, for a dolls house and pleaded for it.  "Goose, you don't have a dolls house..?"  "They can be for the Polly Pockets!"  Of course.  How did I miss that?  I'm a sucker for craft, so in the bag it went.  And then she saw this:

"WOW!  What's THIS?"
The gems were a cincher.  She needed to choose.  The dolls furniture couldn't go back fast enough (much to my delight, if I'm honest).  We had much fun in the late afternoon sunshine, excavating for precious stones *smile*.

A little disappointed to have only found 2 gems (6 were advertised), but Lucy was very zen about the whole thing.  "Maybe another time, Mum".  Indeed, babe.

I found a really cool thing today.  A diary where I can put in my own dates.  Never seen one before!  It's utterly perfect of course, seeing as how I'm looking for a 2011 diary a little later than most.  So now I have a diary that started on Monday and takes me through to October next year.  I LOVE that!  So totally off course.  So totally me.

But the biggest thing that happened today?
I wrote my name on a blackboard outside the hot room in my yoga studio today.
What was so significant about writing my name on this blackboard, you ask?
Well, next to the names on this blackboard are 30 little squares.  One for each day of the month of September.  Yep.  Today I signed up for the Bikram 30 day challenge.

I always knew I would do one next year, once Lucy started school - but this year, I had written it off because my days are a little too chaotic and ever-changing to commit to doing something daily at a scheduled time.  I was lying in bed this morning contemplating this and I was marveling at my ability to justify myself out of absolutely everything!  My talent is fantastic.  So I decided to pole vault out of my comfort zone and just sign up.  Worry about the 'how' later.  For now, just commit to making something 'possible'.  

I told my teacher as soon as I walked in the door at 9.30 (so I couldn't back out).  Then I wrote my name on the board.  Then I told another teacher (more people holding me accountable).  Then I told the studio owner, Jacq.  Even more accountability.  Last stop was Ben.  I waited until he was home.  I am going to need his support.  Not just for one day a week child minding, but emotionally and mentally particularly.  The physical challenge is doable, achievable.  The getting up at 5am three days a week to make class will be harder.  Not to mention the double I'm going to have to pull one day per week, in order to make up for not being able to go on Fridays.  He was 100% supportive.  *smile*

So, in seven days, the challenge begins.  And you'll be with me every step of the way.
Looking forward to it? *grin*

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