Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19th

Can't shake this damn virus.
I am curious as to its movement this time around.  Viral afflictions with me usually begin in the throat, move to the sinuses and then end in the chest.  This one began in the chest and went backwards.  Although, no throat symptoms yet.  Fingers crossed.

I think I overexerted myself today (there was a pantry and fridge that needed restocking, kittens to be picked up - and okay, the yoga gear *could* have been tried on and purchased another day... but I was there, ya know?).  By 4pm I was a complete wreck.

Ben was scheduled to have today as part of his leave, but he decided to go in anyway.  He did say if I needed his help to kiddie-wrangle, to call him.  So I did.  He was home by 5pm and I felt like death warmed up by that stage.  Feverish chills are revolting things.  He mentioned casually there were drinks planned for after work.  I felt sad that he'd missed a social opportunity and infinitely grateful that he'd come home to help me out instead.  I said to him "it sucks to be a family man, huh?" He replied with "yeah, for about 2 days out of 464"

Heartspace for that man exploded, if at all possible.
Not his child.  Not his responsibility.  And yet, we are absolutely a family.

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