Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14th

My cup of joy and abundance filleth over today *sigh*.

The intention was to make it to morning yoga first up.
But the spelt fruit buns left on the bench overnight had us waking to the intoxicating smell of spices and fruit throughout the house and we decided we just *couldn't* do both *laugh*.  So yoga was forfeited for toasted buns and lattes.
And a bit more rainbow crocheting *grin*.

A little shopping out and about, then off to soak in the mineral springs, in celebration of Georgia sending off her fourth decade and welcoming in the beginning of her wisdom years.  Well, that's how I see 40 anyway.  The time in your life when you know exactly what haircut suits your face, what make-up suits your skin colouring, what clothes suit your figure and what chardonnay you prefer.  The experimenting is mostly done.  You finally have the basics down pat.  To me, 40 marks the time when introspection begins.  Self-awareness becomes more of a feature in your daily life - rather than an accidental discovery.  Did I share with you the really cool saying I learned recently?  I'll share again (I can't recall if I did here on the blog, or not).  It was in reference to a woman's blood cycle.

At menarche, a woman meets her wisdom.
Throughout her blood years, a woman practices her wisdom.
At menopause, a woman becomes her wisdom.

It is one of the most powerful proverbs I have ever heard, in relation to women's mysteries.  The menopause usually enters a woman's life from her mid fifties (unless surgically or hormonally induced).  So 40s is still a wee way off a woman becoming her wisdom - but I certainly see it as the beginning of owning that wisdom, of living that wisdom.  And I have witnessed it with women in my life.  Women that embrace aging, who view aging as an accumulation of wisdom - rather than a loss of youth.  With women who view aging as the latter, it's a painful transition to witness.  I feel such acute sadness for them.  But we each walk our own path through life, shaped by that which we focus on.  Their journey is not mine to interfere with.

After three hours of soaking, in divine company, it was time to depart for dinner plans.
A beautiful wee boy, whom I first met while still embraced in his mama's womb, celebrated his first birthday yesterday.  And it was a wonderful pleasure to share in his company on such a special occasion.

There's a few precious wee boy children in my life I feel so privileged to lavish love upon whenever I see them.  It goes a long way to satisfy that boy-child craving I have lodged deep in my bones.  And lucky for me, their mamas are so wonderfully understanding :oD

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