Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th

I do love the beast that is our Suzie.

 Okay, I would never lean on my Suzie, cos that's just buggering the sensitive scales in the feet, but I'm as cheesy as this woman when it comes to our thermomix :oD

Because today, I was able to whip up a double batch of beef and lentil bolognaise sauce for a single mama friend who's under the weather with two ill tiny kidlets - AND - a batch of banana berry muffins (made with brown rice flour that I milled myself, fresh as fresh!) for our arvo playdate.

All while, assisting my girl in ripping up paper and depositing into a jar of warm water (to make into pulp for tomorrow's paper making festivities), reading four books (sorry, reading one book FOUR times), cleaning up the kitchen and generally being an all-round attentive mama.  Which is a vastly different situation when I used to have to do said cooking over the cooktop.  Allow me to demonstrate.

"Hon, yes, I'll read you a story in a minute.  Can you just, can you just, PLEASE hop out of the kitchen - just for a minute - this is HOT!"  "Crap!  I forgot to turn the oven on."  "Not quite small enough... rip them smaller, yep, rip them smaller... Yes, I'll help you in a sec.  Yes, in a sec, I'll just mix this, then spoon them into the silicon thingees, then pop them in the oven...."  "Hmm?  In about 10 minutes or so.  I know that's AAAGES, you'll survive."  "Sure you can lick the bowl... just mind the cat - MIND THE CAT!  JASPER - GET OFF THE BENCH!  Okay, now that's just revolting.  Teeeeee towel!!  Where's the tee towel?!"  "Bugger!!  "Nothing, love.  I didn't say anything.."

Yes, I luff our thermie.  She's cooks without me having to lift a finger.  And she calls me when she's done.  She's just ace *sigh*

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