Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th

Grateful for universal timing :o)

So, I called a guy about a chook shed today.  Gave him the rough dimensions of our space and a basic idea of what I wanted.  Turns out, a few months ago a guy requested a custom-make similar dimensions and requirements to what I gave him - but never collected it (or paid).  With me happy to consider our chookie shed could already be built and him happy that he could finally be moving this wee shed out of his workshop, we arranged a viewing for that afternoon.

It was close enough to perfect (we don't need the outdoor enclosed space, but hey).  I talked him through a few modifications to see if he was happy to do them (he was), shook his hand and told him we'd pick it up tomorrow.  Yay!  Win win for us both.  Love that.

I checked the mail when I got home and THIS was waiting for me!

Sumptuous, luscious yarn.  Hand dyed.
The best kind of thank you gift I could possibly imagine.
Thank you right back gorgeous woman.  And once again, you're most welcome.
Now, what to make with it??!!!

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