Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th

Grateful for pharmaceutical aches-n-pains inhibitors.
A sweet wee boy in our community was celebrating his fourth birthday today and I really wanted to go.  Not only that, I was quite fed up with feeling like pins were pricking into my skin with every movement I made.  I slept for most of the morning - grateful once again for the connected relationship my beloved and my child share - but I was missing her too.  I rarely, very rarely do drugs.  But today called for it.

The sun was shinning, the sky was a magnificent blue and the raucousness of many, many boy children was perfect for clearing out the fogginess in my brain.  My reserved girl child spent most of the gathering snuggled in the warm lap of my beloved, before extending that invisible cord we still share to run across the grassy mounds.

My gazelle...

And I love the sass in this shot.

I love how big and powerful she looks in this photo.
Will have to print a copy of this onto canvass for her, for her room I think. Yep.

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