Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13th

First day back at yoga today, in about a week.
It felt very good.  In fact, I was able to get deeper into stretches, further into twists and hold my balance longer than I did for the two weeks I went four times.  It's kinda like my body forgot its previous limitations, like I was working with a clean slate.  It was ace!  It was a strong class and I felt great afterwards.  Love that :o)

Then we had the pleasure of the company of two wonderful friends for lunch - which extended into dinner time and the inevitable crafting that followed.  Remember the rainbow yarn I bought weeks ago?  Tonight it began its journey to its final destination as rainbow crochet bunting.  I'm hoping we'll have it finished in time for our Spring celebration at the equinox.

Which is entirely possible - as we leave for our four days in the sun on Monday *bliss*.
I was feeling a little lacking at the thought I wouldn't have the opportunity to do yoga for yet another week.  Jacqui suggested taking the audio CD with us.  Which I thought was just brilliant.  The thought of doing a workout in the sun, sand between my toes, then cooling off in the ocean afterwards was delicious.

So I'm grateful for a day of pleasure and joy today.
Doing all the things I enjoy so much.

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