Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th

We had far too much of a good time yesterday and really didn't want it to stop.
So we both took the day off work today and continued on with our efforts.

Another trip to the tip, this time for green waste recycling.
The northern end of the front side garden was planted out and the space for the feijoa hedge was cleared.  Oh my.

This is an image of our front garden.  See the garden bed to the right of the shot?  It was our green cutting dumping ground.  Filled with weed seed, brambles, grass, random trees, you name it.  There is also a small section along the fence line at the top of the front side garden too.  Two days ago, it was filled with a struggling maple tree and some kind of fern on steroids.  That thing was huge!  Not to mention a lot of grass and weed seed.  Now, it looks something like this:

 My feijoa hedge.

One of my most treasured childhood memories, is sitting under the biggest feijoa tree I have ever seen (still), in the public domain, with my sisters and friends gorging myself on fallen fruit.  To me, the feijoa is the most divine fruit ever.  A planted a feijoa hedge in my last house, but I barely lived there six months, so I didn't get to enjoy the fruits of my labour.  I actually wanted to dig them up and take them with me.  They were sourced especially at the time and I was delighted to see them readily available for purchase this time round!

When I say my feijoa hedge looks something like this, the only difference from that picture to how it *actually* looks, is the mulch.  

Two cubic meters delivered at 3pm.
We finished up in the garden tonight at half five and it was mostly dark.  So, I'll take a picture tomorrow in the sun and show you.  It really does look quite magnificent.  We still have a driveway filled with mulch... seems my brain is still calculating for acreage properties of my past.  Oops.  I'm sure we'll find a use for it somewhere!

So now, we sit.  And drink tea.  And rest our weary bodies.
It has been a wonderfully enriching and satisfying three days of work in our garden.  I can't wait for the blossoms of spring to burst on our new fruit trees.  The buds are swelling, it won't be long.  We may find time next Saturday to install the pickets, I'm not sure.  I have plans for Sunday, so perhaps Ben will have fun playing with digging tools all by himself.  Something he'll find a true hardship I'm sure *smile*.  The veggie beds are planned to be constructed before the end of October.  I would like to see seedlings in by mid November at the latest.  The soil is really only warm enough by then anyway.  Any earlier really won't make too much difference in growing.

I promised my girl, when I selected the academic school over the "animal" school, that she would have a veggie patch and chooks at home - she didn't need to go to school to enjoy them.  I intend to keep that promise to her.

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