Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st

Grateful for the gathering of sisterhood.

I love, almost more than anything, being a part of the gathering together of womenfolk.
I know not all gatherings of women are nurturing.  Sometimes competitiveness and fear-based emotions dominate, resulting in negative energy, cruel words, spiteful looks, exclusion.  I have bared witness to gatherings where these elements are present.  I feel them acutely - always have.  Born with some kind of emotional energetic geiger-counter (or some bloody thing), I have always been able to smell bullshit a heartbeat away.  And when I say bullshit, I'm talking falsehoods, either in word or intent.  There's a real shift in energy when someone is attempting to mask their true intent.  Nine times out of ten I leave them to it and walk away (for the afternoon, the week, or for good, depending on the person).  You can't weed someone else's garden, and most of the time I don't want to.

Women are where I nourish my soul, so it's with women I find myself drawn towards.  I love women, ADORE THEM!  With all their complexities and herstory.  With the maternal legacies they bring with them - for better or for worse.  I always feel a potent collection of maternal lineage present at a blessingway.  Like with every woman physically present, she brings with her, her ancestral line of women passed before her.  The energy at blessingways are always so potent.

Today's was just gorgeous.  Chilled out, relaxed, fun and sweet - much like the birthing goddess we were honouring.  I didn't realise how naked my wrist felt until the thread was fastened.  I think it's been eight months since my last mama blessing!  I do recall a fabulous season of upcoming birthing - I think my wrist was adorned with three collections of thread!

A woman is also responsible for my utmost feeling of gratitude today.
She offered to throw me a birthday party.  No one has ever done that before.  It felt wonderful!  I actually had to double check with her minutes later, that she was truly offering.  She wondered why I sounded so surprised *smile*.  This year's birthday is special to me.  I'm big on seven year cycles.  Not only that, it marks the end of this daily commentary of my life.  Which I guess means you'll only read of the run-up - but not of the *actual* event.

... Actually, no, you will.  We're planning it for the Saturday *before* my birthday.  *laugh*

I'm so very thankful to have been invited to be a part of Tegan's blessing the way for her baby today.  Blessingways are such personal, intimate occasions.  To be invited by a woman into her birthing space, is truly special to me.  And I'm so very thankful to have been offered a gathering of my very own!  One to celebrate *my* birth (particularly as I have not and will not be blessing the way for a babe again).  And I do so love a gathering of women-folk *sigh*.

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