Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th

The day started off magically...

More cocktails with our crocheting, savvy in the sun.  Lounging by the pool and devouring our books.
But something shifted in me by mid afternoon.  A cough that came on in the morning got progressively worse... stomach gripes... fever... body aches... lethargy... zero appetite.  Which was the thing that bothered me the most to be honest.  We had the seven course degustation dinner on the beach booked for tonight.  I could barely get off the bed at half five - let alone raise an appetite for seven courses of food.

Because I had (briefly) entertained the thought of a digestive cleanse for this time away, I had packed the In Liven.  I am incredibly grateful that I did.  My beloved kept the green shots coming and I could literally feel the gorgeous probiotics fighting the good fight in my gut.  I had waves of feeling stronger followed by waves of dissolving into the sheets.  Ever grateful for room service, in-house movies and a patient beloved happy to provide his lap as my pillow during my convalesce.  

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