Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30th

I woke this morning, grateful for the reminder that mixing three types of alcoholic beverages in one evening is not a great idea.  No yoga for me today (quite aside from the fact that the birds woke me after five hours sleep).  I was brought my computer and a coffee in bed and decided to stay there until the laptop shut down for lack of battery power.  That turned out to be after midday.  Bliss.

I did come across a distressing occurrence in that time.
A blog post written by Naomi Dunford, a popular woman in the online blogging community who is being subjected to malicious and hateful (not to mention criminal) abuse.  Her one request was to share her situation far and wide, so as to rebuke the cyber silencing two particular groups are attempting on not just Naomi, but eventually towards women bloggers in general, according to their plans.  This bullying has reached the point of threatening her life.  In all seriousness.  Astonishing, despicable and frightening.  If you would like to show your support via facebook, here is her page.  If you have a blog yourself, perhaps consider reposting her blog on the hatred (linked in the second sentence of this paragraph) with your community.  As Naomi says herself "I am being stalked. People want to kill me. They want me to be afraid.  These people are planning a hate crime, and they are relying on me hiding in silence to succeed."  Sometimes our voice is the most powerful tool we have.

I attended an info night tonight, at Lucy's soon-to-be school.
There was information about transition to prep.  Things parents can do to help over the next four months, in preparing our children and readying them.  And the programs the preps will be involved in.  We met more students and most of the prep teachers.  With everything each presenter shared with us, I found myself nodding along.  The decision for my child to attend this school is still sitting well with me and I'm so pleased.  One thing that really struck me tonight, that I hadn't noticed before, was the number of smile lines that graced the principal's face.  And barely a frown line to be seen.  Little things...  And the prep teachers all had the energy of not long being out of prep themselves.  Very nice.

Tonight, I'm grateful for having a voice.  And for having a conduit for communication.
For having a vital body that reminds me when I'm abusing it.
For finding a community that may come close to nurturing my child's intellectual, emotional and physical bodies almost as well as I can.  And the knowledge that this community plus Ben, her Dad and me will be a rockin' combination.

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